You might be wondering, what is the benefit of a sunroom? A sunroom is an attractive investment that makes your home feel like a retreat. The space has large windows that let the lights come inside and provide you with a view of the outdoor space. It is a great space to socialize, enjoy hobbies, relax, work or exercise. If this is something you would want, then check out American Home Center for some ideas.

What is the benefit of a sunroom?

  • Transparency

The large windows or glass walls allow for sufficient amounts of light to penetrate through. It creates a space that is bright and inviting. It will enable you to view the outdoors, which is important for enjoying your surroundings while keeping an eye on your children as they play in the yard.

  • Versatility

Other rooms within your home have defined roles. But for sunrooms, the space can be highly versatile. You can use the area for entertaining guests, reading, or enjoying the sunlight. Also, you can turn your sunroom into a mini greenhouse by planting your favorite flowers.

Disadvantages of a sunroom

Although their open, transparent design provides you with a view and allows for sunlight, they are not ideal for creating private spaces. However, you can use window sheers, curtains or other window treatments to cover up your glass windows.

Discover some of the Major Benefits of a Quality Florida Sunroom

  • Numerous health benefits

Sunrooms come with numerous health and living qualities. Sunlight triggers the release of hormones like serotonin and endorphins. These happy hormones are proven to aid against depression. A sunroom enables you to expose your body to sunlight every day to produce these hormones that keep you happy.

  • Enjoy the outdoors all year long.

A sunroom enables you to enjoy unhindered views of the outdoors all year through. Weather conditions vary so much, especially during the summer months. A sunroom allows you to enjoy the beauty and serenity of the outdoors under a relaxed and comfortable space.

  • Increase value

Apart from adding space to your home, a sunroom increases your home value. When the time to sell or rent outcomes, you will be able to attract buyers and renters. A sunroom is an economical way to increase value compared to conventional construction.

  • Saves electricity cost

The sunroom design allows for natural lighting. Thus, they consume less electricity power saving you a ton of money. You can use blinds or tints during the summer months to keep the space cool. During winter, the heave insulation protects it from becoming too cold.

Are sunrooms energy efficient?

Depending on how the sunroom is built, the space can or cannot be energy efficient. Most sunrooms contain more window area than walls. When it comes to cooling and heating, windows form the most porous part of a home.

To maximize energy efficiency in the sunroom:

  1. Use a thick glass with vinyl trim.
  2. Install windows that retain heat or cool air.
  3. Install cellular blinds to provide insulation and control the amount of light entering your sunroom.

Sunrooms are a great way of extending your indoor living space to the outdoors. They provide a space to enjoy your summer in peace without the interference of pests and bugs. Also, they protect you from rain, wind, and other adverse weather conditions that hinder you from enjoying outdoor activities. They also allow you to enjoy beautiful views around your property.

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