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New screen enclosure with white aluminum.

Screen Room Installation in Wimauma, Riverview, Ruskin, & Nearby Areas in Florida

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Screen Room Installation Service in Wimauma, FL & Surrounding Areas Like Riverview & Ruskin

We follow a thorough, comprehensive process to install your screen room right the first time.

Custom screen room with white aluminum at a home in Wimauma, Florida.

If you want to install a screen room on your property, you've come to the right place! Our team at American Home Center can handle all your screen room installation needs so you can enjoy your outdoor living space with protection from insects and the elements. We offer different materials you can choose from for your screen, and we'll follow a thorough, comprehensive process to ensure we install it right the first time. But wait, there's more - we also provide a 10-year warranty on the materials and a 1-year labor warranty, so you can feel confident in choosing us!

We offer our screen room installation service to residential properties and HOAs in Wimauma, Riverview, Ruskin, and other nearby areas in Florida.

What materials do we offer for our screen room installation service?

Having a screen room installed on your property is a great investment as it will allow you to enjoy your outdoor space while providing protection from the elements and pests. At American Home Center, we offer different materials for our screen room installation service, and you can choose which best suits your preferences and needs:

  • Aluminum Screen: Aluminum screens are strong and highly durable, making them a great, long-lasting option.
  • Fiber Mesh Screen: Fiber mesh screens won't dent and are flexible, making them a great choice.
Large two story screen room constructed at a residential property in Ruskin, FL.

Our Screen Room Installation Process

We've been installing screen rooms since 1998 and we follow a thorough, comprehensive process to ensure we do it right the first time. While our screen room installation process differs for every project, a general outline is as follows:

  • We start by framing the walls with the required uprights.
  • Then, we'll add gutter downspouts for drainage.
  • After that, our team will install fan beams.
  • Then, we'll ensure proper roof flashing to eliminate any leak issues.
  • Next, we'll add a border that goes around the room.
  • Following that, we'll install a screen door.
  • Lastly, we'll wrap the screen around the area.

No outdoor space is too big or small for us to screen - we'll build the screened-in room to any size needed.

We back our screen room installation service with warranties.

While our work speaks for itself, we want you to feel confident in choosing us to enclose your outdoor space. Because of this, we back our screen room installation service with a 10-year warranty on the materials and a 1-year labor warranty. If anything happens to your screen within one year of installation, we'll promptly rectify the issue without material or labor costs. You also won't have to pay for material costs if anything happens for ten years! We're here for you even after we finish the installation, and you can trust that we'll ensure you can enjoy your screen room for years to come.

Call Us Today to Sign Up for Our Screen Room Installation Service

Installing a screen around your outdoor space is a tall order, but our pros at American Home Center are here to make that happen for you! We provide nothing short of top-quality services every time, plus we exercise precision and accuracy when installing your screen room; we won't just meet your expectations, we'll exceed them! That way, you can enjoy your newly screened-in area in no time.

We offer our screen room installation service to residential property owners and HOAs in Wimauma, FL, and throughout the surrounding areas, including Riverview and Ruskin. Call us today at (813) 707-9302 to sign up and reap the benefits of a screened-in exterior space!

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