American Home Center in Lakeland, FL is here to help share vinyl siding trends that work for your home. We have the right vinyl siding installer for you to walk you through each step in picking out what you need through our process of design and installation. Choosing the right vinyl siding colors are customizable options you’ll want to take into consideration before installation.  With American Home Center, the exterior of your home remodel is in your hands; starting from color, then material selection and providing the finished product. We guide you into finding the perfect design to suit your taste! Of course, energy efficiency is also an important aspect of home design to take into consideration. Vinyl siding helps lower energy costs and keeps the temperature comfortable in your home year round. Your home will become maintenance free and will experience long-lasting benefits when you apply vinyl siding to your home.


Vinyl Siding Colors Trends


For many homeowners, staying on top of popular trends is important when wanting to take on a  design project. The Vinyl siding color for your home is an aspect that American Home Center which is located near Lakeland, FL takes carefully into consideration. Our designated vinyl siding installer will be available and ready to assist you and help you find the right design plan for you to make your home look exactly how you want it to.


Design lovers know the most popular color combinations. The latest color report of 2017 offers a mixture of vitality, relaxation, and the great outdoors. It is recommended to add in neutral tones such as brick red, gray or blue tones to match neighboring homes but still give your home its own accents. Another tip is to add a lighter color to your trim such as a white, cream, or light gray, this will brighten the color of your vinyl siding colors. Sometimes people like to go slightly crazy and paint their shutters and doors black, deep blue, browns or even deep red. This gives the house character and allows for you to design it as you please without going overboard.

Rustic and Reclaimed Exterior Styles


Have you thought about the farmhouse design? Traditional wooden siding has been popular for quite sometime; however, the shiplap exterior will take your home to the next level of rustic and unique. This offbeat siding type blends the farmhouse and shiplap look into one. Leaving a modern finish for your home. Using reclaimed wood and other local materials is a trend in 2017 and will actually cut costs off of your remodel. Perhaps the most consistently emerging trend is that homeowners are thinking about energy efficient materials now more than ever.


Siding that is both durable and low maintenance is becoming more and more of a must have due to many people remodeling and considering what their siding is made of and how often it needs to be updated. While it isn’t possible to keep up with all design trends, staying on track with current design options and knowing what you are looking for is crucial to making a home that’s desirable!  


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