Are you considering patio enclosures? It might be puzzling to pick between a solarium and a sunroom. While both solariums and sunrooms offer homeowners additional square footage, they also offer other unique features. This article analyzes the solarium vs. sunroom difference to help you obtain utmost clarity and settle with the option right for you. Regardless of your final choice, if you live in Hillsborough County, American Home Center will handle your design needs at a price that is convenient for you!

The Solarium Vs. Sunroom Difference

It is good to note that picking between a solarium and a sunroom isn’t a matter of which one is the best. It all boils down to your housing needs and preference!

  1. The Design- A solarium is made up of glass walls and a roof. The function of all the glass is to capture a lot of light while still protecting against outdoor elements. If you love to grow plants, solariums are perfect for that. Sunrooms, on the other hand, are made of windows, but not entirely with glass. A sunroom allows occupants to enjoy nature without being outdoors. With these patio enclosures, you can also go outdoors because they have doors leading outside. 
  2. Pros And Cons Of A Solarium- Solariums are incredible structures because they give you an unobstructed view of the environment, including the sky. Nevertheless, it requires constant cleaning due to the glass. Additionally, the roof will get littered with tree sap and bird droppings. 
  3. Pros And Cons Of A Sunroom- The windows of a sunroom are fully functional and can be furnished with a screen. Additionally, they require low maintenance and offer a fantastic natural-feeling hangout. Nevertheless, it doesn’t provide a complete glass view of the sky. 
  4. Cost- Solariums tend to be twice the cost of sunrooms and would need constant maintenance. However, sunrooms have a high ROI (Return on Investment) and often have better warranties. 

The Purpose Of A Sunroom And A Solarium

The purpose of a sunroom is to offer space for homeowners and their guests to enjoy the sun while not standing outdoors physically. Impressively, some modern sunroom models are designed with features like vinyl wall systems and HVAC packages for enhanced efficiency. On the other hand, solariums can be freestanding; they necessarily do not have to be fixed to the rest of the apartment. The purpose of a solarium is to capture sunlight to the extent possible. It serves as an inexpensive way to start a vegetable garden or plant flowers. 

Which Of The Options Will Better Suit My Lifestyle And Needs?

The points mentioned above have considered the purpose, benefits, and drawbacks of both options. All these must factor into your decision. However, you’ll still need to examine your unique needs. To get that done, you should explore the practical aspect of the project. If you want to construct an unattached solarium, it’s best to research local and national building codes.

Furthermore, taking off a section of your exterior to install a sunroom will demand additional work from your designer. You should also consider how you utilize your space now and how you’d love to make use of it in the future. A sunroom will be great to host guests, while a solarium will be excellent for adding architectural elements. 

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