A screened in pool is preferred by most homeowners. It provides a lot of protection for your backyard swim in more ways than one. Here at American Home Center near Riverview, Florida, we try to persuade our customers to get screened in lanai rather than a simple fence or in lieu of nothing at all. You will want at least some type of barrier for you pool. While the screened in installment is lengthy and comes with a bigger price tag, it will benefit the overall quality of your pool. And this can ultimately save you on maintenance cost for your actual pool. However, a screened enclosure’s best feature is the protection it offers for you and your family. Take a look at our list of pros for adding a screen enclosure for your backyard swim safety. And if you decide to get a screen room or you are in need of glass rooms or replacement windows, American Home Center can help you out!

Added Security


The best aspect of these screen rooms are the added security it provides. It will prevent bugs, leaves, and even critters such as snakes from getting into your pool area. It also is not uncommon for alligators to wander into residential pool areas, which is a very big risk for you and your family. Having an overhead screen for your backyard pool also gives it protection from falling debris. This will save you on maintenance costs as well as cleaning costs. Plus, screened in lanai always come with the option to add doors to connect you to the outside of your house. These doors come equipped with locks, which will keep unwanted visitors from entering this area. Think of this screened in area as an extra barrier between your family and any potential unwanted visitors.


Screened In Pool Sunlight Protection


Sunny days are endless in the state of Florida. After all, it isn’t called the Sunshine State for nothing. These screened in rooms actually help protect you against the sun’s harmful rays. It minimizes direct sun exposure, which is a common cause for serious health issues such as skin cancer. Under this screened protection, you will not be exposed to harsh UV rays as prominently as you would without this added barrier.


Withstand Strong Winds


Florida is prone to hurricanes, with at least one scare happening during the season. And considering hurricane season takes up the bulk of our year (May through November), it is best to take precautions to protect your home against strong hurricane winds. Thankfully, experts such as those at American Home Center know that these pool screens can withstand winds of up to 130 miles per hour! So, you might have to book us for replacement windows after a hurricane, but your screen and pool should remain intact.

So, what are you waiting for? If you are a Florida homeowner with a pool, it needs a screened in enclosure. These are a much-needed accessory and a staple for Florida homes. Once you call American Home Center near Riverview, Florida for your screened in pool needs, ask us about our replacement windows and glass room services!