Are you looking for ways to innovate with your house’s interior decor? Great! At the American Home Center, we have a few suggestions you can benefit from. Since 1988, our family-owned business has been helping families in Ruskin, FL, reduce the cost of energy bills. We customize design solutions that fit their homes and accommodate the configuration of exterior spaces to improve the household and safeguard it against severe environmental conditions. Our expertise qualifies us as the right partner to introduce you to the top reasons making a screened porch and a screened in patio the new must-haves for your home before the summer’s arrival is here, wrapping us in warmth. Trust us. You want to know about these fantastic screen enclosures and see what is turning them into more than just a trend to follow.  


Top 5 Reasons Making a Screened Porch the New Must-Have Item for Your Home 

The porch is one of the most pleasant spaces of the home. It’s an open place where you can comfortably relax and enjoy the surroundings without leaving the comfort of your house. Despite that, you surely feel the enjoyment of the porch is profoundly affected by seasonal changes notoriously known for reducing the coziness factor and increasing the presence of nuisances in the indoor living area.


What if we told you, the best way to overcome this limitation, and make your porch the welcoming area it should be appreciated for is adding screen enclosures? Would you like to do it? To help you decide, these are the top five reasons to screen your porch:

  • Adds a new layer of protection against outsiders
  • Keeps the place insect-free (no flies, mosquitos)
  • Withholds the penetration of outer disturbances, like loud noises, strong smells
  • Works as an extra barrier from heavy rains, hurricanes, tropical storms
  • Lets you enjoy the outdoors from home.


If You Are Already Sold on Screened Porches, Why Not Expanding to a Screened in Patio Before Summer?

The reasons to do it are similar to screening the porch! Still enclosing the patio gives the homeowner these extra bonuses:

  • Acquisition of more control over a large area extending far away from the house 
  • Setting a perimeter for the children and pets to play outside
  • Safeguarding the pool area. 


What Materials Are Used in the Porch or Patio Screening Process? 

Ruskin, FL, is known for its real state development and the gorgeous design of its residential complexes. If disrupting the style of your home is something that concerns you, rest easy because the screening enclosure is customized to meet the architectural standards and style of the house, adding value to the property. 


The materials used in the construction vary from fiberglass and premium metals (bronze, stainless steel, copper) to aluminum. You can also ask for a sun-block screen and a pet screen.


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