Do you prefer spending your Sunday morning watching some classic Hollywood rom-com in your sunrooms? Know the peaceful feeling of sipping hot tea with your loved ones by the pool in a sunporch? Has your sun enclosure become your go-to happy place?

Screen enclosures are essential to keep dust, debris, and pests from the areas in your house, such as pools and porch. By allowing you to enjoy your relaxation time in privacy, unbothered by insects, screen enclosures have become an important part of the household. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain them and keep them in a tiptop position.

Therefore, in this write-up, American Home Center brings you some tips regarding the maintenance of screen enclosures.


Spray and scrub

Use a bar of soap to clean your patio screen regularly. This doesn’t just keep the glass from getting dirty but also gives it a nice shine—streaks of muddy rainwater and dust damage your screen enclosure. By paying adequate attention to cleaning your glass, you can extend the performance life of the screens.


Avoid putting too much weight on them.

People sometimes place ladders and heavy materials against the glass. The screen enclosures are not made to bear heavy weight, and applying too much pressure on them can damage and even wholly break them.


Check for molds

Molds are a common occurrence in the hot weather of the State. If left unattended, it can cause tremendous damage to your patio screens. Various remedies come in handy in mold removals, such as a mixture of white vinegar and warm water. However, if you notice that mold formation has become a recurring problem, our professionals can help you deep clean your patio screen enclosures.


Make sure that there’s no leak.

Water can significantly damage your screen enclosures. It is therefore paramount to check for a water leak in your screens. Catching a leakage issue in its developmental stage can prevent you from costly repairs and permanent ruin of the glass.


Window treatments

Decorative covering over windows cannot just add to the visual appeal of the place but also protects the glass from sunlight. Heat can cause excessive humidity to be trapped in the glass corners. By limiting the amount of exposure to the light, window treatments like curtains and shades prevent your screen enclosures from ruin.


Pressure washer

If you have not cleaned your screen for some time and are seeing the formation of molds and accumulation of dust, call in our experts for a pressure washer. Using high-pressure water spray once in a while can remove the dirt that has stuck to the glass and does not come off quickly. Mold formation is pretty standard in the hot and humid Florida weather, and getting pressured water sprayed at your glass can remove them.


Call in our experts   

Do you want your screen enclosures to accentuate your house’s exterior look while being maintained in quality? The American Home Center is at your service.

Intending to help people improve the look of their house, we have been operating for a long time. Our enclosures and sunroofs are strong and can withstand the harsh Florida weather. Every Individual has a unique taste for design. Therefore, we customize your patio screen enclosures as per your choice.

So if you want a premium screen enclosure, both in design and durability, we are here to help you. And if you are looking for professionals to maintain your sunrooms, reach out to us now!