When you get your screened-in porch, it’s one of the most beautiful features of your home. You can go outside to enjoy the weather, sip coffee, and not have to deal with any bugs bothering you. It’s a beautiful feature, but it also requires upkeep to retain its good look and comfort. That’s where American Home Center comes in. We are a family-owned business that has been helping to repair and maintain homes since 1988. We know how much your home means to you, and that’s why we want to serve our Riverview community by helping to maintain their homes. Contact American Home Center today to get a beautiful patio screen enclosure


To Begin: How Is Your Patio Screen Enclosures

The first step to maintaining a comfortable and visually appealing screened-in porch is to make sure your patio is in good condition. Your screen enclosure is the essential feature of the porch; it helps to prevent pollen from getting in, and most importantly, it prevents bugs from getting into your porch. If your screen is torn in several places or is coming off altogether, it is probably time to replace the screen. Once your screen is in good condition, then there are other things that you can do to maintain your porch.


Day To Day Maintenance Tips

Most of the steps you’ll take to preserve your porch are daily or weekly steps. Every few days, you should sweep the porch every few days and make sure to dust all the surfaces within your porch, either every few days or once a week. Every few weeks, you should take the time to mop or scrub your floor using a solution that won’t damage the wood of your floor. In the spring, you should take the time to prevent pollen buildup on your screen or on your porch by rinsing off the screen. If there are other exposed surfaces, make sure you wipe those down, too. Lastly, if your door is squeaky, make sure you oil it with either WD-40 or some other oil to alleviate rust. If you do all of these things, your porch should stay clean and pretty for a long time. 


Long-Term Maintenance

The most significant difficulty you may face with preserving your porch is dealing with your sealant. On average, every five to seven years, you will need to look at resealing your floor. This time frame can fluctuate based on what materials you used for your floor. When it’s time to reseal your floor, use a robust, high-quality sealant that won’t harm your floor. This maintenance task is crucial to preserving your porch for a long time to come, so keep on top of it!


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