For those of you who have screens on your porches, you might notice that they tend to get dingy over time, and you will have to replace them. Of course, replacing your screens regularly can be a hassle for you and your bank account. That is why American Home Center is here to answer the question of “how often should I replace my window screens” so you can get the clarity you need. We understand that not many homeowners think about maintenance when it comes to their screens because there is so much more to think about when you are a homeowner in terms of maintenance. However, once you realize that your screens are dingy, you will find yourself wondering “how often should I replace my porch and window screens?” People wonder about replacement window screens because they likely do not take the best care of their screens throughout the year. That is why we also provide tips on how to make your screens last longer so you are not wondering “how long should a screen last” in the first place. 


How Often Should I Replace My Porch And Window Screens? 

The short answer is that it truly depends on how well you maintain your screens. We want to provide tips on screen upkeep so your screens stay good as new for many years and so you can stop wondering how long do porch screens last. First, we recommend regularly cleaning your screens by sweeping and dusting them. Buildup can occur easily on screens, so make sure you clean it all out as often as you can. Second, on nice days, rinse your screens off to get rid of any pollen or buildup. This will also help with allergies if you are prone. Third, grease anything attached to your screens, so nothing wears out. Fourth, seal any necessary areas in your screen to prevent insects from wearing into it and entering your porch. Fifth, make sure you immediately fix any small holes that you find in your screen so they do not grow over time. Holes and tears become larger and larger the longer you ignore them. Last, if you have kids or pets, we recommend that you install a heavy-duty screen in case they run into it. 


Tips On Screen Porch Upkeep 

Other factors likely cause you to ask how long do window screens last. Here are some tips from us when regarding why your screens are not lasting long: 

  • Environmental factors 
  • Pets and children 
  • Water damage 
  • Usage 
  • Structure quality 
  • Screen material 


Stay Consistent 

It is normal to wonder how often should you replace screens because many homeowners end up replacing them in the long run and then worry about their window screen replacement cost and other factors. We recommend that you stay consistent with your upkeep to avoid replacing them sooner than you have to. 


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