“Why are bugs getting into your screened-in porch?” It is because the warm and peaceful summer weather is here. Time to get a screen door! With screen doors, you won’t have to worry about “bugs in my screened-in porch”. With summer fast approaching, many homeowners will be seeking comfort in their outdoor decks at the end of the long day. Unfortunately, with high temperatures comes an increase in bugs around your home that are moving and landing on consumable and non-consumable things inside your house. Get yourself some protection now before it’s too late by installing a screen door for your porch today from American Home Center.

How Do I Keep Away Bugs In My Screened-In Porch?

If you recently installed a screened porch with the confidence that it is of high quality, you may be wondering how bugs still get into your screened porch. Bugs should not be underrated; they are very resilient and resourceful small creatures. So, even the most durable porch screen can have weak spots that empower these bugs in a screened enclosure. Several areas where these annoying creatures enter are due to construction errors or aided by construction factors, and they may include the following:

  • Porch Doors: If the screened-in porch were installed correctly, the only alternatives for bugs to penetrate is when the door is either open or closed. This is why you must check if your door has any gap with the frame, no matter how little or large when closed. If there are gaps, it means it was not correctly installed, and bugs with persistence can find a way through. 
  • Deck Gaps: Once you notice there are vulnerable spots in your decking construction, you give the bugs a perfect way to penetrate. Hence, you only have few options, either use a non-traditional decking material such as porch boards or install a screen between the joists of the deck and the board. 
  • Soffits: Usually located under the gutters, your home has soffits. If these soffits are vented, insects would confidently crawl inside of your screened porch through these tiny holes. This is easy to fix by adding screening to the soffit location surrounding your patio.

Worried About Your Failing Screening System?

Previously, stapling was the most popular way of installing a screen. Unfortunately, this particular system does not allow completing the seal and frustrates any efforts to repair it. Therefore, if you have a system that relies solely on staples and in desperate need of repair, you should consider upgrading to a new system with us. 

What Should You Do?

What are the best practices to keep bugs out of your screened porch? Install a new screen porch to keep bugs away from your oasis with the help of experts at our center. We offer you sunrooms and windows in different styles and alternatives that align with your daily needs and finances.

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