Screened-in porches are on demand! Every day more and more people are joining the benefits screen enclosures provide to experience outdoor living areas in a fully enjoyable, relaxing, and comfortable way. Think about it, no mosquitos, no summer heatwaves, no rain disruption, what’s not to like? It’s a perfect ally to be unbothered by Ruskin’s weather and seasonal changes. If you want to remodel your porch and turn it into an enclosed area, call American Home Center. The family-owned business has been servicing the community since 1988, working closely together with clients to develop energy-efficient creative solutions that add value to properties and make them look better. How much does a screened in porch cost? Does it really make you want to go outside more often? Read below to find out!

Screened In Porch Cost, What Elements Define It?

The cost and pricing of a screened-in porch project border around $3-$5 per square foot. Although the definitive price is subject to many factors:

  • Porch size (larger areas make the project more expensive).
  • Material selection.
  • Decking conditions (do you have a deck?).
  • Roofing and flooring needs (build from scratch or are enlargements necessary?).
  • Constructability conditions.
  • Lighting.
  • Interior decor.

Call American Home Center and ask for a cost consultation custom to your property.

Enjoy the Outsides More Often with a Screened In Porch

Do you want to sit outside, coffee in hand, and take on the beautiful view? A screened-in porch allows you to that without worrying about insects, bugs, excessive sunray exposure, or upcoming rainstorms.

Your remodeled porch is a new home wing, custom-made to give you access to the outdoors with the comfort of the indoors. Use it as you may, bring your laptop to catch up with your latest emails, bring your family along to chat about anything while enjoying the fantastic view your surroundings got to offer.

Hire an Expert

Adding screen enclosures to your porch is a fun and creative project that you should dearly enjoy when you work with the right expert. American Home Center can be your specialist on call. Located in Plant City, the company services Ruskin, and many other areas in Hillsborough County, FL, creating custom designs and solutions that can’t be beaten. Our results are strengthened by a service that includes:

  • High-quality materials,
  • Developed constructability practices,
  • Specialized labor, and
  • Fair and transparent pricing.

Got Some Ideas of Your Own?

The professional team from American Home Center is open to brainstorming design plans that let you see you are on track to building your dreamed porch.

Contact Us

Are you interested in adding screen enclosures to your property? Want to know how much does a screened in porch cost? Contact us today! American Home Center is Ruskin’s #1 screen enclosure expert. We can prepare customized home efficient solutions that adapt to your budget and guarantee high-quality and complete satisfaction, turning your porch into your new favorite haven! Call us or message us anytime, we look forward to getting the remodeling project started!