DIY vs. Hiring a Pro

Is it impossible to put in a screened-in porch on your own? No. But take it from American Home Center, near Lakeland, it’s easier if you hire someone who actually knows what could go wrong and who has experience with proper installation. Screen enclosures are brilliant if you are someone who enjoys being outside, but does not enjoy the pests and other flying insects that can crawl or fly into your home, taking time away from your much needed R&R. If you are someone who is willing to put in an enclosure of some sort, making it an addition to your home, here are a few things to take into consideration.

Screened In Porches Are All Different

Depending on how big you want your screen enclosure to be, you need to take into consideration that what you buy might not always be the right choice or the best fit. Taking measurements beforehand and making a list of materials needed, not to mention the cost and construction of one can be tiring. Have you considered what type of flooring you want for you personally space you see yourself relaxing and making memories in? How about the roof? When you hire a professional, whose job it is to make sure all aspects of your enclosure comes to together, it takes a huge weight off of your shoulders. As inviting and exciting some of those home kits at your nearest depot store may look, don’t be fooled by the aestheticism they project. Not all kits come with the proper tools and materials used to create a sturdy and long lasting foundation and cover.

Other Reasons To Hire A Pro

If you live near Lakeland, don’t hesitate to call American Home Center to inquire more information about the professionals who install screened-in porches. A professional will have all of the quality materials and tools, which make all the difference. They are also very informative when given options on how your want your screen enclosure to look. For example, an aluminum roof has to keep heavy rain and wind from getting inside of your home, yet if you prefer to have a roof where there are shingles that are similar to the shingles on your roof already, you could be looking at a major difference in cost. Depending on what you are looking for and the area you live in, either option has its pros and cons. The same notion goes for flooring. Are you going to prefer a ground that is made from concrete or a floor that is paved? These services are offered by professionals as well. The very last thing to remember is the possibility of finding more problems with your home than you were expecting while putting in your enclosure, which can stress you out and take longer to complete the job. Do yourself a favor and stress less when it comes to building an extra space onto your home!