What to do, what to do. When thinking about whether you’d like a screened in porch or a glass enclosure, you may find yourself going back and forth on which option you like best. On one hand, the screened in one makes your feel one with nature. Stepping outside lets you feel the breeze on your neck while taking in a breath of fresh air. But on the other hand, the screens themselves may become damaged frequently due to pets and inclement weather, particularly when hurricane season rolls through. While both glass and screen enclosures have their pros and cons, consider glass for your next outdoor remodel.

The Advantages of Choosing Glass Over Screens

While glass is an investment, it doesn’t have to break your budget. Choosing single paned windows rather than doubled may be the right fit for you. Regardless of which option you go with, glass has the advantage of turning an outdoor space into a living one. This is not a must but an option you may want to consider when thinking about retirement, gaining more usable space, or reselling your home.

Screened enclosures offer protection from the wind, heat, and rain but do little during cold winter nights and freeze warnings. Glass, on the other hand, offers protection from the cold, and if adding a glass ceiling, allows you to view the stars at night without the temperature difference or the nuisance of pesky bugs. In addition, glass helps to keep debris off your porch where screened in windows do little when fighting against dust, dirt, and grime. Screens also become damaged more frequently, taking more money from your wallet, and must be replaced due to weather, nature, children, animals, pets, and other miscellaneous accidents.And when a screen is damaged, a new avenue ushers in mosquitos and other pests. Upgrading from an aluminum mesh screened siding also cuts down on these occurrences and the humidity level, a constant Florida struggle.

Double paned glass enclosures can be energy efficient and provide thermal protection. American Home Center in Plant City, FL can consult with you on this option to make your inside cooler during hot months and your outside warmer during cold nights. Other features available are a/c systems. Heating and cooling may be installed separately or connected to your existing unit. Having these 4 season rooms converted can make enjoying the outdoors more tolerable for younger children and older adults.

Make Your Porch Your Own With Add-Ins

Adding a sliding door or French doors can make your enclosure look timeless and fluid. Blinds and curtains make the space feel more homey and allows personal adjustment to regulate sunlight.

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