Florida’s climate, especially in the summer, is made for outdoor living. The sun, heat, humidity and cool sea breeze create conditions that compel you to spend a lot of your time out of doors.

Patio enclosures make it possible to enjoy outdoor life in Tampa without the bother of pesky insects, debris and erratic weather. The enclosures protect both you and the outdoor furniture you are so proud of from the elements of weather.

The patio screen enclosure lets you enjoy the outdoors with the security of being indoors.

Choosing Patio Enclosures

Your search should yield results of patio enclosures that offer the following:

  • The enclosing material should freely allow ventilation and let you enjoy the cooling Florida sea breezes.
  • Your patio enclosure should regulate the temperature so that you can enjoy your patio in most types of weather.
  • Insects and debris make your outdoor life difficult and ruin your furniture and ornamental plants. Your Florida patio enclosure should keep both out without giving you the indoor feeling.
  • You want a lovely place to relax in. Your patio screen enclosure should offer you beauty on top of functionality.
  • Your patio enclosure must enhance the value of your property. It must make it easy to resell your home at an attractive price if you choose to do so.
  • Whatever patio enclosure you choose must be within your financial means to install and maintain.

Types of Patio Screen Enclosures The Lanai Enclosure

This patio enclosure takes advantage of your home’s roof and concrete floor. An aluminum framing is built round to enclose the jutting roof. A glass or mesh screen can be used to close off the structure.

Since the Lanai enclosure uses your home’s roof and possibly the floor, it is the cheapest to construct.

Patio Extension

This extension works for an existing patio that you feel is too small. You can extend your space without necessarily opening the enclosure itself. The concrete flooring can be enlarged by the use of pavement slabs, stone tiles or concrete mixture.

Sunroom Enclosure

If you want an unimpeded view of the world from your patio, you can leave it uncovered. When dusk falls, however, you can expect a visit from all the insects of Florida.

The alternative is to enclose the patio in glass and create a sunroom enclosure. that will let you enjoy your patio day and night.


A pergola can offer quite an attractive outdoor living space to shield you from the sun. It is essentially a wooden frame covered by beams and rafters, with climbing plants over the posts. The climbers add allure to the structure and your yard.

The pergola is similar in structure and purpose to the patio. The pergola can come ready-made with steel framing, or you can have it assembled in your garden.


Patio enclosures do make your outdoor life much more pleasurable. It would be best if you choose what option works for you carefully.

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