How much will a screened in porch cost? Here at American Home Center in Plant City, FL, we specialize in screen enclosures for every different type of home, whether you’re looking to block out the sun or just some annoying pests in your yard.

Factors to Consider

When gathering quotes for your porch, take into consideration the size of the area that you will be needing to enclose, as well as the cost of materials (premium products will cost more) and installation. Also, if you’re planning on building the porch on existing materials, such as a concrete foundation, that will save a considerable amount of money off the final price.

The screened in porch cost can vary as widely as the designs that we offer and can fluctuate from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Typically, the price is about $70 per square foot, which would make a standard 8’x10' porch cost around $5,600. Additional costs to consider are the custom design, permits with the city, and any accessories you may wish to include.

What Should You Use For the Floor?

Every job is different, just as every homeowner is different, so we’re pleased to be able to offer you a variety of options for your flooring, from standard wood to plastic composites. Unfortunately, lower end products like wood can suffer from rain and heat getting through the screen enclosures, which can cause the floor to crack and add additional costs to rebuilding or replacement. Conversely, the composite materials can endure much harsher elements, but cost more initially.

How Much Will a Screened In Porch Weigh?

One aspect of porch construction that very few homeowners consider is the weight of adding additional structures on to the house itself. If you already have a concrete slab you would like to build on, that will save costs tremendously, but adding a roof, posts, and screens can cause tension on the house frame and may make building a porch impossible. Before any construction begins, make sure you have a building department do a thorough inspection or have our team come out to examine it on-site.

Is a Screened In Porch Right For You?

If you’re the type of person who likes to enjoy outdoor seating no matter how hot it is outside, then chances are a screened in porch is right for you. Our screen enclosures will provide excellent shade in the summertime while also keeping flies and other bugs at bay. Also, compared to other options for outdoor seating, such as full additions to the outside of the home, a screened in porch cost is relatively cheap.

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In Florida, where the temperature stays moderate year-round, the only downside to having a screened in porch – excessively cold weather for long periods of time – is not really a factor. Moreover, the roof will allow you to enjoy the outdoors even during one of our many storms, allowing you to take in Florida’s natural beauty rain or shine. Reach out to us today!