If you are in the midst of searching “what to expect when building a screen room addition” to your home, American Home Center in Plant City, FL can help get you the screen room you have always wanted. Open up with space and look into screen enclosures with us so we can help you create a space that gives your home an openness you have never felt before. Trust us to turn your home into something new.

Looking to Add a Screen Room Addition to Your Home? Check Out These Benefits!

Screen enclosures are the perfect solution for adding funcuallity, value and space to your home. Screen rooms not only provide more space for you to entertain guests but can also increase the value of your home without putting a huge dent in your budget during the building process. American Home Center makes it affordable to add a screen room to your home as they are one of the most affordable and cost effective home improvement projects. Screen rooms are great year round and a place to relax with friends and family to enjoy the view around your home. Make the choice today and let screen enclosures be a part of your home, you will not regret your decision with these benefits in mind.

Major benefits include:

Openness and versatility making it easy to maintain

You can enjoy feeling like your outside, while sitting inside

Heat and/or cool the room, make the temperature to your comfort needs

Screen enclosures can be used as an extra room for all types of purposes; such as a workout room, extra seating, playroom, anything you would like it to be.

Why American Home Center is the Place to Trust With Screen Enclosures

Adding a screen room is a way to brighten your home and bring more space into your living area, and make it your own design. American Home Center makes each screen enclosure custom to each clients needs and style of their home. Our experts will come to your home to measure out the space and ensure each job is done within a timely fashion leading to the perfect screen installations for your home. The overall screen room should make your home feel more open and give you more space to entertain guest and enjoy and outside view while enjoying indoor temperatures. We have been creating screen enclosures for quite some time now and take pride in making sure all our customers get just what they are looking for.

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If you are interested in adding screen enclosures to your home, reach out to American Home Center in Plant City, FL and we will create the perfect screen room for you. All you have to do is let us know what you are looking for and the kind of space we are working with and we’ll make it happen! Adding a screen room can change the look of your home and add benefits in more ways than one, lets get started today.