When you look at your home, do you ever wonder if it is missing something? Your house is almost perfect, but what can make it really stand out? It is time to give a little TLC to your car. Have you ever considered adding a carport to your home? Here at American Home Center, we not only specialize in patio enclosures, but we also can build the perfect car port for your home. We are conveniently located in Ruskin, FL.

What is the Point of a Carport?

A carport provides shelter for your vehicle. People and pets are not the only things that need shelter from the elements. Besides a home, an automobile is usually considered to be one of the more important investments you make. A carport is a shelter constructed from wood, metals or other materials. It tends to take the place of a garage. Here are ten advantages to using a carport.

The Advantages of a Car Port

  • Weather Safety
    • A carport can keep your car far away from the elements, whether harmful summer rays, winter snow, sleet or rain
  • Helpfulness
    • A carport can be helpful for people who live alone. Carports usually sit close to the home.
  • Protection
    • Speaking of safety, housing a car under the carport may also shield it from vandalism or other random attacks.
  • More space
    • You can use carports as outdoor porches if you need extra space.
  • Vehicle storage
    • You can also use a carport as a home to boats, trailers, snowmobiles, ATVs, motorcycles and other methods of transportation if you don’t have room in your garage.
  • Shade
    • You may use a carport as a play area for children or shaded areas for adults.
  • Organization
    • If you install a carport with walls, it may also serve as an extra storage unit for tools, boxes, and other items.
  • Convenience
    • A carport can also save on energy and electricity.
  • Additional home value
    • At least with a carport, prospective home hunters will see they can park their car, motorcycle or boat on the grounds rather than the street.
  • No more need for a storage unit
    • A carport could save from having to rent a storage unit.

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