As a homeowner in Plant City, FL, chances are that you might want to replace one or more old windows with newer ones. When such a time comes, you will be confronted with a choice between installing a single hung window or a double hung window. You might have to talk to a professional window installer who will advise you on the best type of window to install.

At American Home Center, we strongly advise that you consider replacing your old windows as soon as you discover that they are defective. Old windows should be replaced immediately because of the potential threats and expenses that they might expose you to. Here are three key expenses and threats associated with old windows:

  • They might allow in cold and hot air thereby leading to an increase in your energy expenses
  • They can allow moisture into the house leading to the risk of mildew, mold, or water damage.
  • They expose the house to potential burglary attacks because of their decreased safety features.

The cost associated with window replacements necessitate that you pay particular attention when choosing the type of window to install in your home. Generally speaking, there are two main types of windows that you can choose from. These include: single hung windows and double hung windows. These two types or styles of windows have some similarities and differences:

How similar are they?

Both single-hung and double-hung windows are vertical sliding windows which have both an upper and lower sash. A sash is a rectangular or square frame which contains the window glass. These two types of windows might look similar from a distance.

How different are they?

These two types of windows are different in the sense that a single-hung type has an immovable top sash while in the double-hung variant, both the top and bottom sashes can slide up and down. Since the single-hung variant has fewer moving parts it is considered to be more weather resistant than the double-hung variant.

Now, let us have an in-depth discussion on the two types of windows:

  • Double Hung Window

The fact that double hung windows are easy to clean and allow for more airflow make them a favorite for many home owners. Double hung windows with tilt-in features can be cleaned from the inside of your house. The fact that you can open the upper sash of a double hung window makes it possible for you to increase airflow into your house.

  • Single Hung Window

This style of windows predates the double-hung variant and is often considered for replacing windows in historic homes with an aim of maintaining the authenticity of the home. Homeowners may prefer single hung windows because they are relatively cheaper than double hung windows. The fact that the upper sash is fixed and immovable mans that this window makes the home more secure and will protect you from unwanted air infiltration or leakages.

Which one should I choose?

Perhaps you are wondering on which style of window you should choose for your house. When shopping around, make sure that the window style you settle for fits your budget, taste and preference.

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