If there is any section of your home that you are genuinely proud of, the screened-in porch is undoubtedly one. It is especially true if you benefit from the great weather of Florida. It allows you to enjoy the outdoors, with all the protection you need from insects and harsh weather conditions throughout the seasons. That said, you may wish to maintain the new addition to avoid debris build-up. Besides, you want it to look brand new every single day.

Below are ways to maintain your screened-in porch:

Maintaining your screened in porch

Regular cleaning

Let’s start with maintenance 101, routine cleaning. It applies to every part of your home, and the porch is no exception. It will appreciate some sweeping once every three days or for a very tight schedule, at least once every week. Secondly, you should dust every inch of the patio’s surface, including the screen, windowsills, and door frames. A simple counter brush is all you need. For scrubbing and mopping the floor, do it every few weeks. However, keep in mind that the wood used influences the cleaning solution. The light fixtures need a monthly clean to clear any bugs or insects trapped in them. Before they are back to their duty posts, ensure they are adequately dry.

Seasonal cleaning

  • Every season comes with its advantages and disadvantages. But one thing remains constant; you have to clean screen enclosures every quarter. Do the following:
  • Clear any cobwebs, dust, and dirt on the walls and ceiling with the help of a stiff broom.
  • The walls need further washing and wiping. You will require water, a mild cleaner based on the materials, and a polyester sponge.
  • Do you notice grime on the surface? Use a push broom to sweep the floor, then scrub such surfaces with a long-handled deck brush with some warm water and a cleaning solution as prescribed by your constructor.
  • Mildew is a culprit porch owners need to look out for. To clear them, employ 3 parts water and 1-part oxygen bleach solution and a deck brush to scrub. However, you need to wear goggles and gloves in the process.
  • Then comes the big one; your screen! Clean it with a utility brush, mild cleaner, and warm water. Once you clean the mesh and frame, use a hose to rinse, and finally, air dry them. A counter brush and vacuuming will do the trick for debris or dirt stuck in the mesh.

What to do years down the line

  • Wood resealing

If your screen enclosure features pressure-treated wood, this is for you. Your porch will wear and tear over the years, and resealing will bring back a new touch and feel. A high-quality sealant should be used after five to seven years based on how fast your addition is aging.

  • Apply a lubricant to a squeaky door

One way to know your door needs some attention is if you often hear noises as you close or open it. The good news is a quality lubricant will take care of it. If the door is also becoming difficult to close, it’s time for some adjustments. Your contractor can help, but homeowners often utilize some of the tools they already have to get it done.

Consider getting a screened-in porch

A screened-in porch is a priceless addition to any home. But just like any other part of our houses, it quickly loses its sheen if not maintained correctly. With the tips above, you can keep your porch looking as new as day one. However, scheduling maintenance with a professional is highly advisable to have everything done properly.