We are finally in the spring season. What does this mean? It means it is time for warm weather. This is the perfect time to head out to your porch, read a book, and bask in the enjoyable heat. However, there is one thing that the warm weather brings along, that you wish stayed far away. We are talking about bugs and insects. At American Home Center, we are here to let you know exactly how to keep these pests away. We offer outdoor mosquito control. In other words, we specialize in screen enclosures.

The Weather Is Perfect

Spring nights are so relaxing, especially when they bring everyone out of the house for a while. They also draw out the bugs who would love to participate in your activities. These tiny creatures want nothing more than to get under your skin, dive in your drink, or swing around your head in dizzying patterns, buzzing in your ear.

These things can be a nuisance but all hope is not lost. You can enjoy the outdoors again while having protection from these critters. You can achieve this by adding a screened-in porch or a patio enclosure to your home. This will allow you to enjoy the night air while avoiding the gnats, flies, mosquitos and other flying insects that are attracted to you when you step outside.

Screen Enclosures Equal Outdoor Mosquito Control

In the past, the bulky screens in a closed-in porch acted more like a detriment to the serenity of the outdoors. They were still some of the best ways to keep bugs away, but they were strictly for insect prevention and did not add any beauty to a home.

However, our patio enclosures or screened porches can be attractive while also providing a protective barrier. With lightweight but durable aluminum frames and transparent yet resilient screens, the screened porch is a great option for keeping bugs away from your patio.

When adding a screened porch to your home it is important that you use the best quality materials for the task. Patio Enclosures brand aluminum frames are strong enough to endure the rough elements while keeping you away from the bugs that want to bother you as you’re enjoying the outdoors.

So we ask you this question: So why deal with the bugs any longer and spend your spring hiding from them? We can build a complete screen room or simply build our system under an existing porch or covered patio in no time.

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We create custom screen rooms using highly durable materials. Our team At American Home Center can build a structure that highlights the look and feel of your home while keeping pests and leaves out. When choosing and designing a screened in patio, we are the best option out there for you. This is the best choice when it comes to outdoor mosquito control. There is a reason why Plant City, FL residents choose us. American Home Center is the masters in screen enclosures. Call or visit us today for more information.