Do you want to improve the way your porch looks but are not sure what to do? Here at American Home Center, we provide ideas about how to spice up your living space with patio enclosures. There are many benefits that come with installing screens around your porch. They can protect you from bugs, rain, heat, and other natural aspects, but you can still enjoy being outside at the same time. We offer enclosures for any sort of porch because we understand how different everyone’s living situations are. Plus, enclosures add value to your home in the event that you want to sell it. This is because they create a whole other living space for you and your family to spend time in. Sometimes it’s hard to be outdoors during the hot summer months due to the heat and other frustrations. However, screen enclosures provide shade and blockage from any elements you don’t want around you. So what are you waiting for? We offer the best enclosures in Hillsborough County!

Types Of Patio Screen Enclosures

You are probably wondering what the different types of enclosures are. We offer various types, but there are three types of enclosures that we recommend over others. Firstly, we have a four-seasons option. This type of enclosure allows you to enjoy the atmosphere of your porch at any time of year. This enclosure entails glass that is fully insulated so your porch can stay either cool or warm. With this type of enclosure, you can enjoy the outdoors with the temperature you prefer it to be. Secondly, we offer a three-seasons option. This type is similar to the four-seasons type, but it’s not as intense. Instead of fully insulated glass, we install just a double or single-pane insulated glass. You can enjoy your favorite seasons at your leisure. Thirdly, we offer simple screen enclosures. We simply install a screen around your porch so you can still feel the breezes and feel the natural temperatures. However, you will not have any trouble with bugs. No matter which option you choose, we guarantee full satisfaction.

What Else We Supply

Along with porch enclosures, we offer other ideas regarding how to spice up your living situation. Here are a few of our other ideas that you and your family can benefit from:

  • The exact value of outdoor living space enclosures
  • Systems for screen porches
  • How to build a screen porch
  • Screen porches versus sunrooms
  • When and when not to add an enclosure to your porch
  • Ideas for your porch enclosures

Utilize What You Already Have

Patio screen enclosures are just the thing to spice up your living situation because you don’t have to redesign anything. All you are doing is utilizing the space you already have by making it more enjoyable for you and your family. We want everyone to be fully satisfied with their living situations both inside and outside.

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