If you’re trying to enhance your property strategically so that bugs won’t cause problems throughout the rainy seasons, you should consider how beneficial screen enclosures can be. The process of picking a screen specifically for various outdoor conditions can be tough, and this is why many homeowners work with reputable companies that specialize in screen solutions for modern and vintage houses. All of the products that are offered by American Home Center benefit property owners because our company has built a solid reputation by successfully serving locals for several decades. Since we’re a family-owned business, our staff never cuts corners when practical renovation solutions are needed in local neighborhoods. Instead, we always strive to produce screens that suit typical outdoor situations by gathering tons of information during each consultation.

The Process for Screen Enclosures in Plant City

Many of the screen enclosure solutions that protect properties are constructed out of strong aluminum material. The aluminum components are usually pre-cut, so a typical frame can be easily modified based on the design scheme on a property. If you need a product that won’t clash with decorative elements throughout a property, a screen enclosure can be used confidently because the aluminum frames are manufactured in a variety of colors.

All screen enclosures are also designed with a trac beam, which is usually constructed out of a strong alloy. A 6005 alloy product is generally used when a screen enclosure needs durable support beams. Although there are other alloy options, 6005 support beams produce efficient results because they have a highly beneficial tensile strength.

In order to secure the trac supports properly, beam knuckles must be used. Depending on the building requirements, the beams may be overlapped during the mounting process. When compared to the traditional method, overlapping procedures are easier to implement since the supplies are inexpensive. However, beam knuckles are typically used during most projects because the mounting supplies are stronger.

Severe weather can impact a screen enclosure, so multiple fasteners are always placed in strategical spots. Zinc and stainless steel fasteners are very popular options and are used regularly during building projects. In locations where rainstorms are limited, zinc fasteners provide practical benefits. Stainless fasteners, however, are used in many neighborhoods that are affected by severe rainstorms on a regular basis because the durable coating doesn’t rust quickly.

Superior Custom Solutions

When superior results are needed for a project that involves screens in Plant City, professional services are worth considering. Our professional technicians offer superior options and make every phase of the process simple by implementing a variety of procedures to provide excellent customer service. For example, before any steps are taken, we carefully scout the area where an enclosure will be placed. This strategy helps us calculate estimates in a reasonable length of time. Also, because we’ve been in the enclosure business since 1988, we can provide strategic advice that can lower the cost of a typical renovation project. If you need an amazing value for screen enclosures in Plant City, contact American Home Center today at (813) 707-9302 or online at https://www.americanhomecenter.com/.