Taking a closer look at your home will tell you a lot of things, the walls, doors, and plumbing will give you an idea of what needs a repair or a complete replacement. Windows can often hold the tell-tale signs of damage from weather like rain and storms. If you are looking to replace the old windows with new ones then American Home Center provides different options for your new windows in Lakeland Florida. Contact us today!

When should you Get New Windows to Replace the Old Ones

During heavy rain when you see moisture building up around the windows then maybe it’s a sign to tell you that it’s time to change your windows. Other signs for damaged windows include a lot of noise indoors than usual. Some problems are easy to solve like needing new weather-stripping or minor repairs on the frame. If your windows fog up easily, they are stuck when you try to open or close them and if they do not remain open then you might need to replace your windows.

Chipped, Broken and Water Damaged Frames

You might need replacement windows when then frames feel soft to the touch; they appear chipped and broken with visible water damage. Windows with excessive damage needs replacement as repairs would either be too costly and even if you do try to repair them they might not last long. When the frames become soft, they automatically start to chip and break away. Without replacement, the frames might sag or completely break away.

Feeling a Draft in Windows

Even if the windows are closed, you might be able to feel the light breeze that secretly seeps in from the tiny cracks in the windows even if they are closed shut. It might include damage to the seal or a faulty installation. The biggest disadvantage of a draft in windows is a drastic drop in temperature that could cause the HVAC system to consume more energy and work twice as hard to keep the temperature in control.

Outside Noise Indoors

One of the most common signs of damage to the windows is when you start to hear outside noise even when the windows are tightly shut. Think about replacement windows when your double or triple pane windows are unable to stop the outside noise from coming indoors. The best solution for this could be to repair with Krypton gas if you live in an area near a busy road. Condensation Right Between the Glass Layers

When you see frosting appear between the layers of the glass, it will be another visible sign of window damage. This problem is caused by failed sealing agents allowing the moisture particles to penetrate between the glass panes. As the seals have failed, any insulating gas used to make the windows effective is gone. You need to get your replacement windows to get rid of condensation and cracking in windows

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