It should be common knowledge at this point that building a porch enclosure can enhance your pool area along with your outdoor living space. A well-designed screen enclosure can make your pool area more comfortable, reduce maintenance demands for your porch, and create extra selling value for your property. However, there are also certain pitfalls if you aren’t careful with the process. A shoddy, poorly designed enclosure will end up costing you many headaches and maybe even money, so you need to make sure that any enclosure you build is high-quality and something that you’re happy with. Read on to learn more about the common mistakes many people make when building a screened in porch. If you are looking to build a screen enclosure in Riverview, FL, call American Home Center at our Plant City, FL office today!

What To Watch Out For When Building An Enclosure

There are certain things to avoid when building a screened enclosure for your home in order to ensure that the project is successful:

  • Not respecting a budget- When it comes to the cost, sticking to your budget is the responsible thing to do. Here at American Home Center we aim to work with budgets of all sizes and won’t flinch when faced with one. We understand that most homeowners don’t have an unlimited budget when building a screened in porch, which is why we will work with you in order to find a solution that meets your needs and your wallet.
  • Only focusing on the price tag- Conversely, while the cost is a key component, it shouldn’t be your top priority. After all, in the long run, quality will last and maybe save you money. Working with an experienced contractor may cost a little more than working with an inexperienced contractor, but is typically money well spent. You’ll end up with a better pool enclosure, better customer service experience, and more value overall. Choosing a custom pool enclosure that is designed for your space will allow you to make the best use of your space.

What To Remember When Building Porch Enclosure

  • Not accounting for the environment- Florida may be sunny all year long, but the weather isn’t always the friendliest. Strong storms and high winds are common, so anything you build needs to be able to stand up to frequent tropical storms. This means choosing quality materials and working with American Home Center to make smart design choices that meet or exceed the relevant State, County, and City building codes.
  • Not working with an experienced screened in porch enclosure company- Working with an established, reputable company like American Home Center will guarantee that your vision will be understood, and you’ll get what you pay for. An experienced company like American Home Center has an abundance of resources and familiarization of different types of projects, and are meticulous about fabrication and installation.

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There are common mistakes you should avoid when building a screened in porch so that you have the best possible outcome for your project. If you’re looking for porch enclosure contractors in Riverview, FL, call American Home Center at our Plant City, FL office today!