Are you looking to screen in a porch with functioning doors and the whole nine yards? Maybe you’ve grown tired of the annoying flies and mosquitoes pestering you while you were outside. Perhaps you’ve built a pool or had one built, and you’ve grown tired of cleaning leaves out. There are many reasons to make a screen room. They can help get rid of critters and unwanted animals on your property. Whatever your worries maybe with a screened in porch, American Home Center has the answers and the equipment to build you the perfect patio. Screened Backyards are a staple of Florida living. Anywhere you go, you’ve likely already seen neighborhoods where everyone has an outdoor screen enclosure separating their pool from their backyard, but not every homeowner has one. If you have a pool in your yard, but no enclosure, or you’re thinking of building one, you might be wondering if an enclosure is something you should invest in. At the American Home Center in Hillsbourough County, FL, we understand just how valuable screened-in enclosures can be for keeping your pools and backyard patios clean and comfortable. We’re the ones locals love and trust.

Who Are We

We are a family-owned business that understands the importance of having comfortable backyard patio areas, especially in the heat of Florida, where insects never really leave. We’ve been helping other families with backyard enclosures and windows to not only keep them protected from the elements since the 1980s, but also providing high-quality service and products. In a part of the world prone to heavy storms, it’s not just about putting up a screen, but also about using materials that can withstand heavy wind. Our mission is to help homeowners with customized solutions that create more energy efficiency and provide designs that match the existing structure perfectly. We’ve had the perfect solution for the screened in porch, and we will keep serving that solution for the locals in need of quality service.

Screen Room Functionality

There are a lot of critical things that you need for a functional and comfy screened in porch. One of those critical things is lots of seating. This seating can be either dining seating, nap seating or entertainment seating. Whichever accommodation you need should fit the theme of the porch. Calculate the space you need for the furniture. This is important so that you don’t waste space. It would be a shame to order a big thing or a small one and have to return it due to a lack of space. You also need bug-proof flooring. There may be space on the bottom of the patio where small bugs can squeeze in, so use bug-proof carpet to make sure pests don’t get in. It’s mainly a problem when you have guests. Considering it’s outside, it is essential to have bug-proof flooring. The last thing you need is a ceiling fan and a light. With Florida’s heat, you have to have something like a fan; otherwise, you’ll be in heat with the stagnant and humid Florida air. You need light, so you don’t break anything.

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