Did you decide that you wanted a patio enclosure for your home? This is the perfect addition that will have you spending countless hours enjoying the outdoor weather without the worry of unwanted pests. Here at American Home Center, our team of professionals wants to make sure you are aware of the top five patio designs that will look stunning on the exterior of your house.

Our Top Designs

1. Screen room

1. This is a good choice for houses located in areas with many warm months. It is also known as a gazebo. Its function is to provide protection from insects, yet, allows enough ventilation to come in through the screens of the room.

2. Sunroom

1. It gives you access to landscape views of the outdoors. It can be built using these three common materials: wood, aluminum, and vinyl. Wood is an excellent insulator and is a good choice for a sunroom. Vinyl material is also suitable for a sunroom since it can resist corrosion and rust. A sunroom made of aluminum is also an excellent preference because its material is very durable and won’t easily deteriorate. The glass used in sunrooms can either be a straight type of glass or curved glass. This type of patio enclosure is normally having an octagonal shape or a round shape design.

3. Solid lattice patio cover

1. This is recommended for areas with cooler climates, but, do not experience snow frequently. It uses aluminum material to cover the place partially. Solid lattice patio covers project a wooden look since the aluminum is embossed with cedar or made with a wooden finish. Solid patios require less maintenance which makes it a good choice too.

4. Open lattice patio cover

1. This is an open type patio cover made of aluminum too. It is intended for locations which are all-year-round sunny. Foliage and other plants are most suitable for this patio cover. Letting them grow along the lattice frames would give you the perfect shade you need.

5. Sunporch

1. This is most useful for protecting your vehicles at your porch. Aside from that, it can also function as an alternative to a greenhouse. This can be done with the use of lumber like redwood, cedar, mahogany, and the like, along with glass panes and screens to cover the sides. It follows the design of a conservatory too.

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