Deciding on the right window screen replacement could be a tricky decision. You have to take into account the type of window you already have, the size, the style, and of course the cost. Another thing you want to make sure you consider is how efficient your replacement windows are going to be. Many companies will advertise that saving money on your energy bill is a reason to replace windows, but this isn’t necessarily true. American Home Center in Lakeland, FL is an expert in window replacements, and luckily there are here with some advance on how to correctly choose the best option for you and your home.

Tips For Picking The Best Window Screen Replacement

Most people are quick to base any large purchase solely on price. If the price seems fair and is lower than some of the other companies giving you quotes you typically with go with that company, but honestly that’s not the best way to make significant purchases especially when they have to do with making improvements to your home like picking out replacement windows. Trying to cut corners when it comes to a major investment in your home like the windows you really need to consider all options and what each one means for the future of your home. Solely basing a decision of this magnitude on price will only hurt you in the long run and leave you needing to replace the windows again. There are many reasons people decide to get new windows. It could be to change the look of the house, make it quieter, more attractive, or even less drafty. Whatever your reason is for wanting new windows follow these tips to make the best decision possible.

  • Expensive Doesn’t Mean Better: When tested against one another a window that costs $500 was less efficient at keeping out cold air and rain whereas a window costing $450 and $260 did a better job at both of these tasks.
  • Check Ratings: Like any products windows get ranked based on their performance in keeping certain elements out of your home. When trying to decide which new windows you are going to choose look at their ratings and apply the information to where you live. For example, if you live somewhere that your windows are going to be exposed to high winds and cold temperatures you want to find windows with a high rating for low-temperature and wind resistance.
  • Don’t Worry About The Upgrades: Similarly to other products windows can come with additional optional upgrades. These can easily add 50% to the base price you’re going to pay for the windows. Focus on features that will add value rather than just “nice things to have.” For example, low-E coatings can improve the efficiency of your windows, but adding triple glazing is unnecessary unless you live in a frigid climate.

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