If you’re a homeowner, there’s nothing better than fully utilizing all the natural light that comes into your home on a daily basis. You know how comfortable and relaxing the incoming sunlight can be, so what if you were able to use this sunlight as a means of becoming more energy efficient? American Home Center in Plant City, Florida, is your premier company for all things screened in porches. We help you create the custom glass or screen rooms of your dreams, allowing in all the sunshine.

The Power of the Sun

Everybody knows how intense and powerful the sun’s rays can be, depending on the circumstances. We constantly apply sunscreen so we don’t get burned, and wear lighter clothes to reflect the rays. We install solar panels to absorb this energy and power our homes, and can also utilize other means of collecting or utilizing the sun’s energy into positive energy change in homes. Even a task as simple as hanging your clothes out to dry in the sun instead of putting them in the dryer is using less electricity, and relying more on the sun. Determining the best and easiest means of using the sun’s energy for our own benefit has been ongoing for years, and always depends on what your individual needs and the needs of your home. If you already have a home, there are limits on how much you can do to your home to increase your efficiency, although there’s more options than you might think. If you rent, your hands might be tied in terms of what you can add or change to your current apartment or townhouse. And if you’re buying or building, the possibilities are almost endless.

Energy Efficient Light

If you already own a home and are looking at differing options to increase your sunlight, there are a few items you might be able to incorporate into your home. One often overlooked piece of electricity usage is turning on and leaving on lights throughout your home, instead of relying on natural light. Simply using sunlight can save you money on your overall energy bill by reducing the number of lights on in your home. You may or may not be able to fully depend on sunlight utilization, but even a small increase can help you save.

The biggest factor in this method is which direction your windows are facing. North and south facing windows are better overall for sunlight production than east and west facing windows. North facing windows give you the best even amount of light that doesn’t provide a glare, while south facing windows are well designed for moderating seasonal temperatures. They are great for letting in a larger amount of heat during the winter and limiting this amount during the summer. With east and west facing windows, they are great for letting in the morning and evening sun during sunrise and sunset, but aren’t ideal for temperature regulations during extreme seasons. If you are looking at ways to creatively add more light to your home, screened in porches are one option. With many different sizes, designs and types, you can custom build any type of porch that suits you and your energy efficiency. You can even build it on the north or south facing side of your home to maximize any incoming sunlight. A great way of capturing more natural sunlight into your home, skylights also help you avoid losing any privacy that may happen when adding extra windows to a home and having the shades drawn during the day.

The Future of Homes

As more and more people and companies are becoming aware of their energy usage, better use of natural and environmentally friendly resources are cropping up more and more. Solar energy is quickly becoming the new norm in providing energy for homes, as well as other innovative techniques and building materials and styles to better capture what the planet is already providing its inhabitants.

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