You may be looking around your home and realizing it may need a little bit of an upgrade, but where to begin? Depending on the age of your home and what was potentially new when you bought it, your windows may be due for an upgrade. But if you’re looking at replacing every window, you may be looking at your checkbook as well. Whether you’re seeking window replacement for two or twenty windows, read on to find out typical window costs and where to get the leading window installation service in Hillsborough county.

Replacing Windows And Frames?

As previously mentioned, the overall costs of replacement will depend on how many windows you’re going to fix, their size, and style and quality of the new windows. If you’re thinking you want to only focus on the broken, damaged or older windows, the number of windows will be a lot less as compared to going all in and replacing all windows.

Another huge factor in the replacement process is whether you need to fix and replace the frames around your windows as well. Inspecting your frames for any rotting, soft spots or any cracking and splitting of the frames, they’re going to need replacement as well.

Vinyl frames are marked as lower maintenance versus wooden frames, as vinyl frames have a longer lifespan, are easy to clean and are cheaper. Wooden frames need to be stained or painted before use, and regularly maintained as they will rot and peel if they receive any water damage.

Replacing wooden frames can double the cost of your window installation as well, thus keeping the frame replacement in the back of your mind will give you a better idea of the total cost.

Window Replacement Costs

There are several types of windows offered nowadays, all offering a different set of attributes, depending on where you live. Double-hung windows can be opened from the top or the bottom which makes them great for hard to reach areas, but they can be costly. They can range from $280-360, depending on the quality of glass and the type of frame.

Tilt-out windows allow you to reach the glass’s exterior by folding in or out. These windows are great for when you can’t easily access the exterior to properly clean your windows, but again, are slightly more costly due to the cleaning assistance they provide. The windows range from $250-500, although there are some different tilting types of glass block windows which may cost around $150.

Double-pane windows are great for energy-efficiency and offer more protection against any inclimate weather or stray baseballs from the neighbor’s yard. The double-pane glass has an airtight space filled with inert gas, which acts as a barrier against the outdoor temperature on the exterior pane, thus helping with keeping the cold or hot from seeping in or out during the seasons and lowering your utility bills. Most double-pane windows cost between $115-250.

There are also high-performance specialty glass that may be worth it, depending on where you live. These types of glass are definitely the most costly, as they are typically three panes of glass thick, but offer a lot of neat features.

Some of the windows offer shades built between the glass, while others offer extreme-weather resistance if you are prone to hurricanes and high wind storms. These windows are definitely worth it if you’re willing to invest more money into your window installation.

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