If you’re weary of staring at your ripped, worn-out screens or are dissatisfied with your present pool or patio enclosure, give The American Home Centre a call! We can assist you whether you need your complete pool enclosure rescreened or just a simple screen repair. We know you have been looking for a pool screen repair near me and we are here to help. We repair screened enclosure panels, rescreen screened enclosures, rebuild window screens, create bespoke window screens, rescreen window screens, and perform other services. We do everything when it comes to screen repair and maintenance! We provide a thorough, fully tailored screen repair service for your covered porch, lanai, pool enclosure, screen doors, and window screens at a low price. We are your one stop lanai screen repair near me services.

We provide the best screen enclosure repair in Plant City. Our screen repair services are a popular option for repairing, you guessed it, damaged screens. We can repair rips, replace missing panels, and replace the complete enclosure with new panels. The American Home Centre’s enclosure repair specialists specialize in improving enclosures with the most fantastic screen alternatives. For example, we provide transparent view screens, which may improve visibility while also increasing the robustness of your enclosure.

How Do We Work?

We constantly hear about other screen repair companies not showing up and rescheduling clients day after day. We don’t behave like that — we keep our commitments! We drive out to your property for a free, no-obligation assessment to analyze your requirements, collect dimensions, and show you images of different screen materials accessible to you to keep an accurate and dependable timetable and provide you the best possible rates. Please keep in mind that we cannot provide pricing over the phone due to the complexities of rescreening tasks. We can help you replace:

  • Screening that is ripped, loosened, crumbly, or otherwise deteriorated for windows, pool enclosures, lanais, and screened porches
  • Screened door components and kick plates
  • Window screen frames that have been broken or twisted
  • Corners of a broken window screen
  • Custom-made window screens

We also provide a large selection of window screening and aluminum frame materials. We also take special care while fixing or rescreening screened enclosures to ensure that the operation is done correctly and without additional hazards. When screened enclosures are built initially, the ceilings are typically assembled and screened on the ground before being placed as a single large piece. Rescreening is not as straightforward as it appears. Some screen repairmen may step out onto your enclosure to change ceiling panels, which is extremely risky because the frame and fixings are generally aluminum and often rusted.

We make sure we don’t do that. We utilize the least dangerous equipment available, such as highly rated walk boards, telescopic A-frame platforms, and extended ladders, to easily reach these higher places, allowing us to do the task securely and efficiently.

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Our staff comprises trained experts dedicated to providing you with unrivaled service and the most significant degree of care. You never have to be concerned about the technician’s competence when you choose The American Home Centre. We not only have the most extraordinary personnel in the industry, but we also strive to provide them with the best materials, technology, and equipment. We also take good care not to endanger your property in any way. Our experts are highly trained, and we are licensed and insured for our safety and yours. Contact us today for the best screen repair in plant city.