When you first move into your new house, having an open patio is a fantastic escape to relax and enjoy the outdoors. However, over time, you’re likely to experience a change of heart and decide it’s time to look for upgrade ideas that can modify the patio’s atmosphere. Whenever you’re ready to make this transition, call us. At American Home Center, we make a living out of assisting Ruskin, FL residents about room enclosure alternatives that fit right into their homes. Our services cover design and installation. We have a high-level team that’s committed to delivering first-class exteriors for the most competitive rates in the market. If you are interested in patio enclosures but still need a little push to make a decision, you can read the information below. It highlights the benefits of an enclosed room and the factors that may determine the screened enclosure cost.

What Can an Enclosed Patio Do for Your Home Living?

For all the benefits open patios provide, some nuisances could be attributed to them as well. Here’s what an enclosed environment could do to improve your home living situation:

  • Restrain mosquito access.
  • Reduce harsh UV exposure.
  • Allow a temperature-controlled setting (through an acclimatization system).
  • Keep strangers away from the property.
  • Provide landscape protection against rain and storms.
  • Create a bounded outdoor area.

Factors that May Determine the Screened Enclosure Cost of a Patio

As previously stated, patio enclosures are beneficial to better home living conditions and reduce the primary nuisances created by open patios. But how much do they cost? The price range is definitely broad. It depends on several influencing factors:

  • Patio Size. The square footage of the patio to enclose is the most determining factor impacting the enclosing price. The larger the perimeter is, the more costly it becomes. What can you do not to let it hurt your budget? Find ways to work around it. Explore smart design ideas that lead to cost reduction or look for financing options.
  • Material Selection. Picking resistant and durable materials, fitting of the enclosing structure, and purpose of the patio is the smart thing to do.
  • Roofing Options. The roof is an important feature of the room to enclose. Expect costs to go up when there isn’t a pre-existing roofline to follow or when enlargements are necessary.
  • Flooring. Will your home need a patio enlargement? Add flooring prices to the costs of patio enclosing.

Are you ready to enclose your patio? Call American Home Center! We’ve been assisting the residents of Ruskin, FL, for over 30 years!

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Patio enclosures are a fantastic solution to stop mosquitos and harsh sun rays from getting easy access to your home. If you want to find information about the screened enclosure cost and installation services, contact American Home Center! In Ruskin, FL, we are the #1 screen rooms provider in the area. We offer prices that are hard to beat and the customized client’s assistance our customers deserve. Buy from us and protect your home today!