American Home Center in Plant City, FL offers a number of services but our glass rooms are by far one of our most popular. It is a wonderful way to open up your home and get a great view of the outdoors. We will design your sunroom custom to your home and make the space look bigger by just a few minor changes. Our remodeling contractors put together a plan with your ideal design and create a glass room structure that looks nice, and makes a space for your whole family to enjoy.

Sunroom Perks

Your home is the place to rest and relax with your friends and family. Experts such as American Home Center provide advice to create the best sunroom for the space given and budget that fits your lifestyle. There are many reasons to add on to your home but here are a top few:

Elegant Finishing Touches- Open up your floor plan, leaving more room to entertain guests.

Easy Construction- Clean and efficient work. Your new room can be complete within weeks and it is a place you can enjoy year round. It is a room to enjoy for every reason!

Beautiful and Practical- Wonderful place to relax, cook, watch TV, read a book, and pretty much do anything you would like.

Adds Natural Light- Your home will be brighter than ever and you can feel the heat on you face while sitting in the air conditioning.

Being in a glass room you can be comfortable, no matter what the weather might be outside and still enjoy the feeling of being inside, but the view of what it looks like outside during day and night time. There are so many reasons to add a glass room to your home! It is worth the cost and your family will be able to enjoy it just as much as you will. The value of your home will also go up due to the fact of having a breathtaking view and windows from the ceiling to the floor.

Our Remodeling Contractors Are the Very Best

At American Home Center, we take pride in providing each and every client with the best quality materials and make sure that their glass enclosure comes out just the way they would like it to. The entire selection process is done as a team and we make sure the client is pleased with the outcome and the space it provides. All our sunrooms are completely built to code, will pass all inspections, and will withstand all types of Florida weather that comes its way. Our glass rooms have full wiring, which means they will be able to have full functioning plug in abilities for lamps, tvs, and anything you may need for your space. Enjoy an inside space, with an outside view. The biggest catch that most clients enjoy most is the fact that our glass enclosures are energy efficient. Each and every window is placed in the right place to help reduce the total cost of your energy bill.

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