A three-season room is also called a screen-in porch and can be a perfect addition to your backyard for social gatherings. In seasons like summer days and spring mornings, a clean screened-in porch provides an enclosed deck space that will protect your guests while enhancing your outdoor living. Therefore, get your screened-in porch cleaned to set it ready with the steps below on how to clean a screened-in porch;

Tips on how to clean a screened-in porch

  • Wipe all the Dirt and Pollen Away

Removing pollen and dirt is the best way to clean screens on the porch.

  • Wipe the dust, pollen, and dirt from all surfaces using a wet material like dishrag or microfiber cloth. As you do the wiping, ensure the material you use for wiping is always rinsed to keep it clean.
  • Wipe the dust on all the fan blades that may have accumulated on them.
  • Clear All the Debris Away

Debris can be pretty obnoxious during cleaning screens on the porch since they usually find their way to the screen openings through screen doors. Check if you have them there and if so, use a dustpan and a broom to remove them.

  • Wipe the Screens

Using warm water and an all-purpose cleaner, clean the porch screens carefully. You can use a utility brush to gently scrub every screen panel to remove dirt in the screen mesh. Vinyl frames and metal could also form around your screens, accumulating dirt with time. Scrub them thoroughly and with a garden hose; rinse the screens. Finally, allow them to dry off naturally in the air.

  • Sweep Out the Old Spiderwebs

Spiderwebs and other encroaching old dirt like dust bunnies can hide under your furniture, ceiling perimeters, or at the corners of your enclosed porch. Therefore, cleaning screens on the porch will not be effective if that is not addressed. Use a household broom to scrub and remove them. Don’t forget that pesky insects like gnats or ants can encroach your screened-in porch. In such a case, use insect control methods like insecticides or traps to rid them off.

  • Thoroughly Mop the Space

With the screens now clean, it is obvious that all the dirt went to the floor. Therefore, fill a bucket with warm water. You can mix the water with mild dish soap or an all-purpose cleaner and mop the porch floor. Scrub every corner, crack, and baseboard to ensure no dirt remains. Let your floor dry for about three hours before moving all your furniture back in place.

Cleaning screens on the porch will improve the aesthetic look of your place. Your family gathering experience will also be livelier and more memorable with an ambient environment. Therefore, follow the simple steps above on how to clean a screened-in porch.