If you are new to Florida or a first-time homeowner, you will notice that almost everybody’s backyards seem to have a screen room surrounding them. They are more prominently found in homes with pools. The experts at American Home Center are here to inform you of the many designs that you can incorporate into your home. In no time your screened in patio will offer one of the best screen room enclosure in the neighborhood. You can trust us, Riverview, FL.

Why Choose Choose Screen Room Enclosure?

Think about it. We live in the Sunshine State. Why not take advantage and be outside while the rest of the country is freezing in the winter? The thing about living in Florida is we have enjoyable weather throughout almost the entirety of the year. When you have a screened patio, you get the most out the weather. There is an abundance of activities you can do in the space, and with the assistance of a patio, you almost have no excuse not to take advantage of it. Here are some benefits:

  • They offer more shade.
  • They keep insects and animals out!
  • Keeps debris from storms away.
  • Your pool will be easier to clean.
  • There are great looking designs out there.

Our Screened Room Enclosure Designs

A popular trend out there is pairing rustic accents and earthly materials with traditional;-style screen room enclosures. An example of this would be rattan chairs and brick walls, and also stone floors. In these cases, the accents that are incorporated are unfinished, raw materials that act as a striking contrast against the clean walls and contemporary furniture of your home. A good touch to this look is scattering some. We suggest potted plants to add a rustic-theme to the patio.

With this rustic touch peppered across your patio, we suggest also adding state-of-the-art lighting to give a modern look. The goal is to obtain balance. Try to stray away from keeping it too rustic by adding candles or another outdated lighting. Remember, we are in 2019 now. You don’t want to go overboard. Why not try smart lighting? Think about Alexa. Imagine how she can help make this rustically themed patio, seem like something out of the future.

Are you thinking of incorporating a fan to the top of the screen enclosures? If so, great idea. The summers here do get a little warmer than most states. You need to be prepared. However, when choosing these fans, be wise. Don’t just go for the most affordable choice. Cheap fans are never a good option. While they may seem convenient, they will not add the style and durability that you are aiming for. A fan is worth the investment. Imagine a quality fan that has the perfect design.

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