One way to ensure your pet isn’t getting into trouble while you are busy around the house or out running errands is to create a pet friendly space with a screen room. Your pets are a part of your family. They require all the love and attention we give to our brothers, sisters, daughters, and sons. However, we can’t always keep an eye on our little fur babies. By incorporating one of these screen enclosures into your home, you will guarantee a safe and comfortable place for you and your pets to enjoy together. American Home Center near Riverview, Florida creates incredible spaces like these for your family. Contact us today to find out more about these rooms for you pets!

In the meantime, here are a couple of notes on the benefits of creating a closed in room for your pet:

Enjoy Being Outside Without the Hassle

Our pets deserve some fresh air as much as we do. However, it is nearly impossible to communicate the dangers of the outside world to our pets, and most animals have a tendency to wander off. And that is why leashes were invented! However, having a closed off screened room allows you and your pet to enjoy the outdoors without all that hassle. You can keep them contained, without the leash, and still indulge in the sun’s rays and a fresh outdoor breeze. This room will also protect them for nuisance bugs, the heat, and generally just prevents them from getting too dirty.

Create a Safe Space with a Screen Room

Our pets are curious. When they hear or see something outside, their instinct is to try to get to it to say hello! Sometimes this can result in your pet clawing or jumping on your window, which can possible damage it. These screen enclosures have floor to ceiling views so that your pet can easily see the outdoors without have to break the barrier. Our screens are made out of aluminum mesh, so they are built to withstand pet claws (as opposed to a window’s fiberglass).

These special rooms give your cat or dog the ability to enjoy the outdoors without getting into trouble. It keeps the out of excessive heat and guarantees they won’t leave the yard. This room is a special oasis for you and your pet. And if you feel comfortable enough, we can even add in a pet door so that your pet can come in and out as much as they please.

Why Do You Need One?

At American Home Center near Riverview, Florida we can build the perfect screen room for you and your fur family. We can design your room from scratch to make it unique and a perfect fit to your home. We then manufacture and install the screen to make sure it is the perfect fit. We have over fifteen years on installation experience and our customers love our custom-built screen enclosures we have provided them. Schedule your FREE estimate request today!