Which is the best solution to keeping your car away from the blazing sun, the gusty wind, and driving rain?

What is the ultimate non-garage answer to keeping the interior of your car cool on a hot summer day?

Is it a carport, or is the carport awning better? What’s the difference between the two anyway?

If you are in Plant City, Florida, if this is your train of thought, then you have come to the right place.

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What are Carports?

Carports are non-garage solutions to car storage. They are ideal when you can’t use your garage or you don’t have one. Carports offer protection to your car from the elements of weather, especially frosting.

They are made of metal framing and roofing. You can choose to screen your carport or to leave the sides open. Besides the ventilation that comes with open sides, carports offer several advantages over garages.

Carports are easy to install while still offering a cost-effective solution to motor storage. Best of all, carports can double up as excellent spots for outdoor activities. They will keep you out of the sun during that barbecue.

Carport Awnings

A carport awning protrudes off the side of a building onto a supporting structure. As such, it always has at least one wall, but sometimes two. Because of this structure, the awning can offer excellent coverage to entrances. You can just leave your car and walk into your house without going through the sun, or worse, getting wet in the rain.

The awning also makes the side of your home cooler, which makes the inside of your home cooler. You don’t have to spend much on air conditioning.

You have to be careful about how you position your awning, though. You just can’t stick it anywhere. It has to be conveniently accessible from the house. You should have security concerns in mind as well.

The awning will do doubt change the look of your yard. Work to blend it in so it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb.

Carport Canopies

The main difference between a carport awning and a carport canopy comes down to the structure. A carport canopy stands free on a metallic frame. It is covered over with a tent and has open sides. You can screen in the sides if you wish. You can also build them as large as you want.

The major drawback is that they may not hold up so well against gusty weather since they don’t have a buffer. The only solution to this would be to have your carport canopy custom built by a reputable company.

Carports offer a superb alternative to garages. A well-built carport not only serves its purpose but enhances both the beauty and value of your property.

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