Deciding whether or not to get a pool screen for your outdoor pool is a big decision that can come with a hefty price tag. Many people in Florida believe screen enclosures are the best option for your pool but is that necessarily the truth? It’s time to turn to the experts at American Home Center, located in Plant City, FL, to find out their opinion on the topic and what’s the best way to make this decision.

Advantages of Getting A Pool Screen

Like any major decision, there are going to be positives and negatives about purchasing screen enclosures. However, if you look at the situation carefully, it is clear to see that the advantages of this one definitely outweigh the negatives.

Additional value to your home: Most homes in Florida are equipped with an outdoor pool so having one doesn’t necessarily set your home apart on the market. What could separate yours from the others is the addition of an enclosure. This will add value on several fronts:

It is one of the most popular additions to any Floridian home

An enclosure adds additional living space to your entire house as well as your outdoor living area.

Properly designing and building a pool enclosure can enhance the visual appeal of your home.

2. Keep the wild on the outside: Along with the tropical weather comes tropical wildlife even in the suburban areas. Opting for screen enclosures will keep out frogs, snakes, raccoons, lizards, and even alligators. The enclosures will also make sure that any insects including bees, wasps, and mosquitos are kept out.

3. UV Protection: The Sunshine State comes with a high UV index most days, and although most people enjoy a sunny day, the health of our skin should be a significant concern. Having an enclosed pool will keep direct sun exposure to a minimum. These screens filter the sun and will keep your family safe while enjoying a morning or afternoon swim. It also will help keep your pool temperature down, so it remains refreshing.

4. Easy Cleanup: Most people find that having a pool enclosure makes cleaning their pool much more manageable. Having walls surrounding your pool deck eliminates a lot of the leaves and debris that would find its way into your pool.

5. Security: Wildlife and insects may not be the only thing you’re looking to keep out of your pool area. One of the best features of a screened enclosure is it gives your home an extra sense of security from anything or anyone you’re looking to keep out. Especially since Florida features many open backyards wandering individuals could be a cause for concern. The chances of an accident could also be reduced drastically. If you have an outdoor party with little kids having an enclosed pool could help prevent children from falling in.

6. Keeping chemicals balanced: The proper balance of chemicals is essential in keeping your pool well maintained. Having a pool exposed to different types of weather could cause chemicals to evaporate and change drastically. However, if the pool is enclosed this problem is erased, and your pool becomes easier to maintain.

7. Lower energy costs: Although Florida is usually a warm sunny place there are still days that there are strong cool winds or extreme heat waves. The cost of heating a pool could still be pricey, but enclosing the pool could drastically eliminate some of these energy costs.

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