In sunny Florida, patio enclosures are a must-have for many homeowners, whether an outdoor screen enclosure, or even a solarium. There are several different kinds of sunrooms to choose from, though, so which do you choose? If you’re curious about the differences between each kind of enclosure, then you’re in luck. At American Home Center in Ruskin, FL, we have experience with different kinds of sunrooms to help you understand the differences between them and which is the best fit for your home.

The Difference Between Sunroom Styles And A Screened Porch

There are four major ways to consider adding an addition to your home: A screened porch, a three-season room, a four-season room, and a solarium. Each one has their one pros and cons, so let’s break them down and figure out which one is best for you:

  • Screen Porch
    • As it sounds, the screened-in porch is a back patio enclosed with a screen. Of all the options, this one is naturally the least expensive, as the others require completed walls. What’s nice about these is the openness of the space while still protecting you from insects and arachnids. That being said, this is also the most exposed to the weather and temperature, so if it’s too cold or too hot, it may not be comfortable. The same is true if the weather is too extreme.
  • Three-Season Room
    • A three-season room is designed to be a comfortable, walled-in enclosure from spring to autumn in contrast to the screen porch which does not have walls. This room lacks insulation or any heating or cooling system, so it’s often not used during the winter. In Florida, the threat of it being too cold is rarely an issue, but there may be days in the summer when it’s too hot. This option is more expensive than a screened-in porch, but less expensive than the other options.
  • Four-Season Room
    • In contrast to a three-season room, the four-season room is insulated with access to climate control features that make the space comfortable all year-round. Because of the added protection against hot and cold, this is the second most expensive of the four.
  • Solarium
    • This last enclosure is all about the view. It is effectively the same as a four-season room when it comes to functionality. Closed-in space… heating and cooling systems… The big difference is that the enclosure is entirely made of glass, including the ceiling. This creates a beautiful backyard view, and can even be charming in the rain, but is the most expensive option.

The Best Outdoor Screen Enclosure or Patio Enclosures for You

Now that you understand the difference between various patio enclosures, you may have an idea of which one best fits your needs. Each one has it’s pros and cons in its own right. Whether you’ve decided on an outdoor screen enclosure or a closed in solarium, American Home Center in Ruskin, FL can help you with building your home addition.