If you have been admiring screened in porches and would like to make the best out of your exterior space but are ultimately worried about your ROI, don’t stress. American Home Center in Hillsborough County, FL, discuss tips to ensure you are receiving the best possible value out of your screened in porch. We help Florida residents improve their exterior space and save money while doing it.

Bypass The Fancy Features Of Screened In Porches

If you want a 75% return on your investment, it is better to go with a pressure-treated porch rather than investing in fancier features that will get you at best a 50% return. Purchasing higher-end materials vs. standard for the same sized screened in porches will vastly reduce your return.

  • Choose Size Over Features

The most important thing to consider when building a screened in porch for your home is the usable space. When choosing between a bigger space or fancier features, choose space. The extra space you are adding to your home will be a better investment than any feature.

  • Skip The Electricals

Lighting costs, low voltage, sconce, and recessed lighting will increase the cost of your porch, but it will not do the same for the resale value of your home. If your goal is the highest possible return on investment, skip these features.

  • Go For Pressure-Treated Wood

High-end decking might be right for you if you want the most out of your porch for the next 20 or so years, but if you are looking to sell soon, you would only be paying to benefit the next homeowners. Pressure-treated wood projects can be as beautiful and practical for less money.

Location Is Key

Adding a screened in porch to your home in an area where people can use it multiple times throughout the year is an excellent investment. Oppositely, if you live in an area where the weather might be cold year-round, and the porch won’t get much use, it might not be right for you.

  • Contemplate The Concerns Of Your Region

In places like Florida or Virginia, there is a need for protection against things like bugs and insects. You will want to take the extra steps to cover those specific needs, like protecting the floorboards or choosing a small enough screen to ensure bugs do not get in. To decide what features people might be looking for in a porch in your region, you should ask your real estate agent or contractor.

Don’t Stress About The View

If you are worried that a screened in porch will obstruct your ability to enjoy outside scenery like lakes or backyards, there are plenty of nearly invisible screen options for you to choose from. You will be able to enjoy the beauty of your surroundings while also having protection against things that might otherwise hinder your experience.

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