Living in Florida, we seem to have it all. If it’s not windy weather or rain, its bugs. Regardless of whatever element is hindering your outside experience, one thing is for certain. You deserve to relax in the comfort of your patio without being discomforted. Hos is this possible in Florida? American Home Center knows the secret weapon. We are talking about apartment patio screen enclosures. When it comes to screen enclosures, we have the best options for the folks living near Lakeland, FL.

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Competition is tough to keep your condo or apartment complex at full capacity. How do you stand apart from other multi-family rentals? The answer is simple: Add a balcony screen enclosure to all units. It’s a simple and cost-effective way to get the job done. Whether you’re building a new condo or apartment or renovating an existing one, here are a few reasons why you consider adding a balcony screen enclosure. The investment is well worth it.

The Benefits of Apartment Patio Screen Enclosures

Exterior spaces can be an attractive element for tenants. Unfortunately, common outdoor annoyances like birds, insects, pollen, wind-blown debris, and disagreeable weather can limit their usability. If your apartment complex or condo has a patio enclosure, help your tenants optimize their use with a balcony screen enclosure. By screening in each balcony, your tenants are free to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors without all the hassles. A balcony enclosure makes your condo or apartments even more appealing to potential tenants by offering several advantages:

  • Protection from the elements. An apartment or condo balcony enclosure offers a layer of protection from the elements and keeps common nuisances at bay.
  • A sense of safety. Apartment dwellers with pets often worry that their furry friends might fall or get lost if they get out onto the balcony. Others worry that items might tumble or blow off the balcony. With balcony enclosures, sturdy screens provide a restraining barrier that can reduce these fears.
  • Increased privacy. Many apartment complexes choose privacy screen for their balconies.
  • More usable space. Tenants are often unwilling to put possessions out on a balcony where they would be at the mercy of the sun, wind, and rain. By shielding the space from the worst of the weather, screen enclosures expand the livable space available to your tenants.
  • Extra functionality. In theory, a balcony is a wonderful place to relax. With greater comfort and fewer worries, balconies become more functional and more appealing.

Tenants are not the only people to benefit from the addition of balcony enclosures for apartments or condos. Owners do as well because balcony enclosures can add real value to the property. By making your rental units more desirable to current and potential tenants, it’s easier to keep them filled. This reduces unprofitable vacancies. Are you worried about their impact on your building’s curb appeal? Don’t be. custom balcony enclosures can be designed to match the existing architecture, so there’s no need to worry that they might detract from the building’s appearance. They’re an affordable, low-maintenance way to enhance your property.

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