American Home Center in Plant City, FL is here to show you the light around your new pool screen enclosure. There are tons of reasons why screen enclosures are necessary for everyone, especially in Florida! Let us help you decide on what you need and what will look best in your backyard.

Things You Must Know About a Pool Screen Enclosure

Many families install a pool screen enclosure due to safety reasons, however, here are a few other reasons you can not pass up on:

  • Security: To keep out dirt, debris, leaves, bugs, insects, snakes, birds, and other unwanted visitors such as alligators, screen enclosures are critical. By having screen enclosures installed by American Home Center, you know your pool is safe, unwanted creatures are kept out, and your family has a safe place to enjoy time together.
  • Easier maintenance: Most of the time when you have a screen enclosure around your pool, cleaning becomes a breeze. You will not have to deal with all the extra debris falling into your filter or dead bugs in your pool.
  • Get in more swim time: The enclosure holds in the heat and allows for you to swim more often. It lets you swim in the rain and when the weather is a little chilly.
  • Sunlight protection: The sun never seems to go down in Florida. For the sake of your skin, having a screen enclosure around your pool allows you to enjoy swimming and laying in the sun without worrying about the UV rays.
  • Designed to withstand strong winds: The hurricanes in Florida are known to devastate homes. However, our screen enclosures are known to hold up through anything.

Screen Enclosures from American Home Center in Plant City, FL

You can count on our fifteen years of installation experience and workmanship to ensure that your pool screen enclosure will be the best of the best. American Home Center takes pride in the quality of our service and making sure all our clients are pleased with the outcome of their screened-in pool. Let us create a space for you and your family to enjoy all year round here in Florida. Having a screen enclosure can help you keep your pool open for all seasons when friends and family come to visit and for nights when you feel like taking a quick dip. Your pool can become your favorite aspect of your home by adding a screen around it. Make it like an addition to your home or an outside room that everyone can enjoy!

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If you are ready to create a pool screen enclosure with American Home Center in Plant City, FL, reach out to us today. Screen enclosures make all the difference when having guests over and entertaining outside with children. Let us create the space you have always wanted! We can guarantee that you will enjoy it for everything it is worth and use it daily. Let’s get started today; let us know what you want and how we can help.