Some home additions aren’t just about return on investment (ROI). They are also about enhancing a person’s quality of life. And that’s true with durable porch screens! While they offer a return on investment, they also improve the quality of life of the homeowner. Are you still skeptical about adding it to your home? Why are screened in porches so popular? American Home Center has listed 5 reasons a durable porch screen is worth it. Can you trust these points? Yes! They stem from our years of experience in the building and design industry. And impressively, most homeowners we’ve worked with experienced them too. So, explore these top five benefits of adding a screened-in porch to a home now!

5 Reasons A Durable Porch Screen Is Worth It

Below are reasons to love screened porches:

  • Adds Living Space- A durable porch screen can add living space to a home. If there’s one primary way to add living space without undergoing major construction, we can’t think of anything better than a durable porch screen!
  • Bug Protection- Do you swat flies during outdoor meals? Do you have difficulty reading outside because of bees? Want to enjoy the cool breeze outdoors, but the thought of bugs discourages you? Then, a porch screen is the best way to fight all these! With it, you can eat your meal outdoors, read your favorite book, and enjoy the fresh air with no bug disturbances.
  • Weather Protection- Porch screens offer a reasonable degree of protection from harsh weather while allowing you to enjoy fresh air always.
  • Higher Home Value- Here comes the investment we’ve spoken of earlier. Homes with porch screens have more worth in value than those without them. So if you are planning to resell that property, anticipate some extra bucks. However, it has to be well built by experts! That’s the only way it will serve as a value-adding feature to your home.
  • Added Interest- Porch screens also add a focal point and depth to a backyard. So, if your home is built flat on the back, you can enhance its look with this.

So, is a screened in porch worth it? Absolutely! While these are the best reasons to buy a screened-in porch, these aren’t all the reasons.

Do You Have Pets?

Well, porch screens aren’t just for your pleasure. Your pets need to relax and cool off too. When you bring your furry family member outdoors, they enjoy the sights, smells, and sounds of nature! Each time you crave a view, don’t leave your pets indoors.

Want To Add A Screen Porch?

Enough of your daydreaming! Let’s put your plan into action. We are a reputable screen porch builder. Our materials and craftsmanship come with warranties. When you work with us, you can enjoy the security that stems from dealing with industry experts that stand behind their deliveries.

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