Screen Rooms

Our Custom Screen Enclosures Can’t Be Beat!

Many of our clients come to American Home Center wanting a screen enclosure but aren’t sure where to begin. They have heard of our excellent reputation but want to learn more about us and why everyone is raving about our screen rooms. Simply put, our screen enclosures are meticulously made, and here is why:

A Minimum of 15 Years of Installation Experience

We use our own in-house installers. Most of our team has been with us for upwards of 15 years ensuring that you receive superior workmanship. We take pride in our selectiveness and believe that great works comes from great people. Our installers know the high standards they must abide by to work with American Home Center, and this translates into excellent enclosures that will stand the test of time.

Quality Trumps Quantity

With other companies, the initial consultation may go well, but upon inspection of the finished screen rooms imperfections are often found. The consultation is the most important step for many businesses, but not us. That is not the American Home Center way. Our best achievement and moment of utter happiness is every time a customer tells us that their screen room is looking great after 20+ years. These are the quality testaments that we seek, and why our business has flourished. We only take on so many projects at a time, this ensures that every job is done perfectly and leads to perfect screen installations.

Need A Screen Enclosure?

We can custom create just about anything you desire, literally! Our experts, upon measuring your property will be able to suggest the ideal height, where it will be best to set the frame and make recommendations on how to design the top of the enclosure. The overall aesthetic should be pleasing and make your screened room feel open.


If you would like us to come by your place, we service the Plant City, Riverview,  Lakeland cities and surrounding areas. We are a family-owned and run business and use our vast experience (we have been creating screen rooms since 1988) to help homeowners enjoy their outdoor living space.


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Contact Us! We would be honored to work with you and help you create an energy efficient and beautiful space with our products. Fill out the form below and one of our experts at American Home Center will contact you shortly. We are located in Plant City, FL, but also serve many other areas including Hillsbourough County, FL. We’re the best screen enclosure company in Florida and it's our objective to only provide the best quality work and to help residents save money on screen enclosures, sunrooms, windows, and vinyl siding.