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Gorgeous Glass Rooms Create a Serene Experience

At American Home Center we take pride in each and every single project we take on. Everything from the materials we use to the experience and selection of our employees is carefully thought of to ensure that our glass rooms and other enclosures in Plant City and the surrounding areas are of the highest quality.

If you are currently thinking about taking your outdoor space and adding a glass room, you have come to the right place! Since 1988 we have been creating one of kind, high-quality glass enclosures for Florida residents. Our team knows how hot the summer months can be, the seasonal bugs and all other situations which make having a Florida room desireable.

How Our Glass Rooms Are Different


  1. No Glorified Screen Rooms Here! Often times we encounter homeowners who had a “glass room” installed, when it is nothing more than a ill made and built screen enclosure with poor quality windows. When we enclose the area, it is classified as an actual addition. You can live in the enclosure and not have any problems with water or pests seeping in due to poor workmanship. The structure is completely built to code, will pass county inspections and withstand the storm winds that constantly come about in Florida.
  2. Full Wiring: Adding to what was already mentioned, our glass rooms have full electrical work done so that you can plug in your lamps, t.v. and anything else you may need while enjoying your space. Watch the clouds go by in the comfort and air-conditioned luxury of your glass enclosure while listening to music.
  3. Energy Efficient: Each and every single window we place on your enclosure is Energy Star certified to help reduce the total cost of your energy bill. Not only that, but as we all know, the Florida weather is quite hot, so each window is specially designed to repel heat and keep your glass room cooler than it would with a run of the mill window.

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Our family owned and run business has an excellent reputation. 75% of our business is referral based which speaks volumes. Why leave your home to chance, when you can have a proven expert in the industry come and build a quality glass room in Plant City, FL and the surrounding areas.


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