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American Home Center is dedicated to ensuring every project we take on is made with pride, the highest quality material obtainable, and built by the most dedicated workers there are. Located in Hillsborough County, we’ve been serving the area for over thirty years with our high-caliber work. One of our specialties is building glass enclosures and today we’d like to talk to you about a particular type of enclosure known as a sunroom.

What is a Sunroom?

A sunroom is a screened in porch that serves to bridge the gap between the indoors and outdoors. Unlike a regular deck or porch that only provides limited protection from the elements, sunrooms are designed to make it feel like you’re outside without any of the actual drawbacks of having to go outside. Sunrooms are often referred to as Florida rooms and are popular among many homeowners. With the walls being made primarily out of glass windows the experience of sitting in a sunroom is not one that can be easily matched.

How Much Does a Glass Enclosure Cost

The Benefits of Sunroom Porch Enclosures

Control of the Temperature

Since a sunroom is an extension of your house and completely sealed off from the outside, you have complete control of the temperature. If it’s a brutally hot summer day you can have the AC run or if it’s the dead of winter you can have the heat going. That said you can still enjoy a nice summer breeze by opening up one of the windows and feeling it through the screen without worrying about anything else getting in.

Enjoy Outside in any Weather

Normally most people aren’t able to admire beautiful freshly laid snow in their yard or sit outside and listen to the rain without the risk of getting wet, but with a four-season sunroom, it’s no problem. Unlike a non-enclosed porch that won’t protect you from the wind knocking things over or bringing in water the enclosed nature of the sunroom prevents just that.


No Pests

One of the worst things about being outside during the summer is mosquitoes and other bugs. They bite, their constant buzzing is annoying and they can contaminate your food. Being enclosed and properly sealed in a sunroom though, means you won’t have to deal with any bugs this summer. Having a sunroom will also prevent any vermin or birds from nesting inside, unlike porches that aren’t enclosed.

Natural Light

One of the most obvious draws of a sunroom is all the natural light it provides. With the walls consisting of mostly windows, on top of getting your daily dose of vitamin D, you can save a lot of money by spending the morning and afternoon in your sunroom, rather than wasting a bunch of electricity on lights.

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No matter what type of porch enclosures you’re having built, you need a contractor that’s dependable and that you can trust. American Home Center has been providing high-end service since 1988 and has consistently proved to be a family-owned business you can trust. On top of primarily glass-based sunrooms, we can also build you a screened in porch, install vinyl siding, and replace any damaged or older windows. So if you’re in Hillsborough County, do yourself a favor and get in contact with us today and stop wasting your time with poor quality materials and lazy workers.


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