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When you are designing your home, the efficiency of your space is one subject that will be presented.

From saving money on your utility bill to being able to enjoy your outdoor living space, to protecting the structure from the wear and tear of the Florida climate, our remodeling contractors offer many products that you are sure to love.

What Products Do We Offer

Aside from gorgeous enclosures that provide many benefits, American Home Center also offers products and services regarding glass rooms, vinyl siding, window replacements and carports!

Our glass rooms are nothing less than stunning and they can add great value to your home. Through expert installation and the use of quality glass panels, you can enjoy the outdoors without the heat, wind, and pest issues. Enjoy the lovely Florida view while inside your cozy glass enclosure room addition.

When your home becomes too hot, you should look into window replacements. Unfortunately, the majority of windows are made using low-quality materials and you may find yourself needing window replacements immediately after purchasing a property. Luckily, we offer high-quality glass brands that are Energy Star certified and will help reduce the cost of your utility bills.

Vinyl Siding not allow insulates your home during the winter months, but it repels heat during the summer while adding a protective and attractive veneer to your home. No painting is required and with our expert installation, this material will last your lifespan.

Our custom Carports are designed to not only protect your boat or vehicle but to seamlessly flow in appearance with your home. From the colors to the materials, our skilled team will build a structure that looks like it is part of your home and not unsightly. Another benefit is the longevity of our products. Your carport will withstand much higher wind speeds that any pre-built or store bought carport.

Screen Enclosures are a must in Florida. While animals and insects and the Florida tropical climate are lovely to look at, they are not so wonderful when you are trying to enjoy eating and relaxing outdoors with your friends and family. Custom enclosures from American Home Center offer a wonderful solution for homeowners who want to enjoy their backyard hassle free.

Why Buy Your Patio Enclosures From Us

With so many options out there, why choose to buy from us? We supply only the highest quality and most recommended brands for your project. We will always answer any and all of your questions when you are looking into buying one of our products. It is important to our remodeling contractors that you understand what you need and why you need it. In addition, our 100% financing program makes the process easier than ever.

Contact Us About Our Patio Enclosures

Whether you are looking for carports, windows, patio enclosures, glass rooms or vinyl siding, we have it all! It is vital that you take care of your home in order to avoid any major issues and doing something as simple as replacing your windows can save thousands of dollars down the line. To find out more about our products and what we offer, talk with our remodeling contractors. Call American Home Center today when you are looking for services in Plant City! 813-707-9302 or visit our website!


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Contact Us! We would be honored to work with you and help you create your screened in porch or other enclosures for your beautiful spaces with our products. Fill out the form below and one of our experts at American Home Center will contact you shortly. We are located in Plant City, FL, but also serve many other areas including Hillsborough County, FL. We’re the best screened in patio company in Florida and it's our objective to only provide the best quality work and to help residents save money on screen enclosures, sunrooms, windows, and vinyl siding.

At American Home Center we use our excellent customer service for screened glass rooms in porch, low prices, and quality materials to take that vision you have of your home and make it a reality!


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