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Looking Into Adding an Enclosed Porch to Your Home?

If you live near Lakeland, you can agree that sometimes the heat is unbearable, so you consider getting a screen room put in. On beautiful days where you want to be outside, but not necessarily in the sun, you can have the best of both worlds when you are inside of an enclosure where pests and other insects are not swarming around you due to the hot moisture in the air. But putting in screen enclosure isn’t always easy to do yourself. American Home Center, a company based in Orlando, suggest hiring a professional to install that perfect extension to your home. However, there are more options you’ll have to choose from when creating this personal space in your home.

Pros of Having an Enclosed Porch

Envision a space where you can sip your favorite beverage while surrounded by family and friends making great conversation, staying cool, and smelling the fresh air while not be distracted by insects that sometime ruin your outdoors mood. Screen enclosures are the perfect choice. Before making a call to have a room of your own installed, there is more that needs to be taken into consideration before letting the hammer fall – literally. For example, have you thought about the kind of roof that would cover this space? Roofing selections vary from aluminum tiles to metal shingles. Depending on how much you want to spend, shingles tend to cost more than the aluminum roofing option, despite aluminum being more maintainable. Another question to ask yourself is if your property is big enough for an enclosure. Unfortunately, not every yard is wide enough or narrow enough to offer the proper measurements needed to put one on your property. Despite the size of your property, screen rooms can differ and come in many shapes and sizes, consider if you could see yourself really utilizing a small or larger space. Last, but not least, you’ll have the option of selecting the type of flooring you wish to have. From a concrete to paved ground, the choices are endless and you’ll be able to make your space unique to reflect who you are and what your style is.

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If you are near Lakeland, or in the Orlando area, stop by American Home Center or call the experts to learn more information and details in regards to building the perfect enclosed porch that you’ve always imagined having. Screen rooms can be constructed by anyone given the proper kit, tools, and materials, but not every kit – mind you – will have everything you need depending on the size of your yard. Not all tools are included in screen enclosure kits also. If you are planning on putting in one on your own, remember the roofing and flooring options also. A professional who is an expert at these installations might be able to save you time and stress. American Home Center is always a phone call away and will help assist you in any home project you may have.

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