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Our Story

For over thirty years now, American Home Center has been a family-owned business with a goal to help Florida residents reduce their energy bills and improve the look of their exterior spaces. Located in Plant City, FL, we’ve expanded to provide our services to many different areas including Hillsbourough County, FL, and the cities surrounding it. As one of Florida’s top, screened in patio companies, we believe in honesty, integrity, client satisfaction, and quality work. We are incredibly proud of the projects we have completed and will work hard to make sure you have a structure that will last for years to come, despite the harsh tropical storms and climate Florida is known for. Find out how we custom design and custom manufacture our products specifically for your home.

Featured Products

Glass Rooms

Our glass rooms are constructed using energy-efficient glass and made to stand the test of the time. With expert craftsmanship and knowledge of codes, we create an extension to your home that is comfortable and functional…

Screen Rooms

We create custom screen rooms using highly durable materials. Our team At American Home Center can build a structure that highlights the look and feel of your home while keeping pests and leaves out…

Replacement Windows

Lower your utility bill and prevent pests from entering your home! Replacing your windows with Energy Star rated windows will benefit your home tremendously. Our expert window installers are happy to explain which…

What We Do

Whether building a new home or remodeling an existing one, we help turn your dreams and ideas into a reality.

American Home Center is a family owned business, serving Hillsborough and Pinellas counties since 1988.

Our Specialties Include:

  • Screen Porches
  • Glass Enclosures
  • Replacement Windows
  • Vinyl Siding
  • Car ports

American Home Center’s experienced team of professionals will help plan renovations or new additions to fit your budget and schedule.

The Screened In Patio Company To Buy From

With so many options out there, why choose to buy from us? We supply only the highest quality and most recommended brands for your project. We will always answer any and all of your questions when you are looking into buying one of our products. It is important to our remodeling contractors that you understand what you need and why you need it. In addition, our 100% financing program makes the process easier than ever.

Product & Services

When you are designing or remodeling your home, the efficiency of your space is one subject that will be presented. Make your home energy efficient with our services.

Custom Carports

Your carport should match the design and feel of your home. living in Florida, it needs to withstand storm winds as well. Consult with us today and have your own custom creation made.

Screen Enclosures

Keep the animals, insects and leaves out and elevate the functionality of your outdoor living space with a high-quality, custom designed screen enclosure. 

Window Replacement & Installation

Save money on your energy bills and protect your home from storm winds. We can replace your old windows and install your new ones. Ask us about our energy efficient window options. 

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding comes in a variety of colors and styles and is made to keep your homes temperature more balanced. by keeping the heat in during the winter, and out during the summer. 

Glass Patio Enclosures

Bask in the daylight in your very own Florida Room or glass enclosure. Whether as a home addition or to update the glass in your existing sunroom, we can help. 

100% Financing Available

Start saving on your energy bills today. Learn about our financing programs here.

Why select American Home Center as your Screened In Porch contractor?

There are a lot of factors you should consider when choosing a contractor. Construction of any kind takes time and money. The less of each you have to spend, the better, but if you choose just any contractor you could end up doubling, tripling, or even quadrupling both of those resources. When you have something built you want it to stand the test of time, the last thing you want is to have to pay a second contractor to redo the work of the first. Here at American Home Center we respect your hard-earned time and money, so we’ve compiled a list of what you should look out for and why we meet every one of these requirements.


While many people might think that anyone can build a porch or a screened in enclosure, they’d be wrong. Construction of any kind, if mishandled can be dangerous. A patio that’s not constructed correctly could be dangerous, especially if it were to collapse with people in it. Additionally, there are codes that must be followed, and if they aren’t, you may be made to take down your outdoor fixture. Here at American Home Center, we’ve been building and improving the look of the exterior spaces of homes in Florida since 1988. That’s over thirty years of experience. Beyond that, we’ve known many of the contractors our screened in patio company employs for over fifteen years. You can trust us when we say you don’t last that long in construction if you do subpar work and don’t follow codes.


A lot of contractors are just in it for the money. To them, your construction project is nothing more than a job. Not only will this  screened in patio company show in the final results of your project, but it will also manifest in little ways. Examples include taking a long time to return calls, being late, constantly contradicting themselves when talking about your project, and being dismissive of your questions. A good contractor is always on time, knows your project’s details like the back of their hands, and is always upfront and happy to explain the process to you. American Home Center understands this isn’t just a job to you, but an addition of your home and an extension of you. This is important to you, so it’s important to us. We treat every project as if it were being done to our own homes.

Previous Projects

One of the best ways to tell if a contractor is the right one for you is by looking at their past work. If you don’t like the look of a patio similar to what you’re looking for that they constructed, then you probably won’t like the one they will build for you. Look at their reviews, see what their former clients are saying. If they all they have is bad reviews, it’s unlikely you’ll be the outlier and give them their first five-star review. If you’re unable to find any reviews that might be even worse, as it might mean their inexperienced or censoring their results. We at American Home Center are incredibly proud of our past work and proudly display testimonials by our former clients on our own website.


We believe in being completely upfront with our past and are incredibly proud of every project we have completed. Below are just a few of the many compliments we have received in our many years serving the good people of Florida.

"Contributions such as yours are instrumental in allowing us to continue to provide junior tournament opportunities each month at a low cost to our players. Your part in this si very much appreciated by our Board of Directors, member, and volunteers."

Julie M Goddard, Greater Tampa Junior Golf Association

"We just wanted to say thanks for doing such a fine job on installing our porch roof installation! We purchased a small portable a/c unit and now can use the sun room everyday!! It’s great. Your crew was fast, professional. Keep up the terrific work!"

The Armstrong Family

"We love our screen enclosure and have gotten lots of compliments on it. We tell everyone who did it & have given a couple of your business cards out so hopefully you will get more business in Country Wood!!"

Mike & Sue Kennon

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Answered By Florida’s Best Screened in Patio Installation Company

How long will the installation take?
Every project is different, and they can range from a few days to many weeks. Jobs that don’t require a permit, typically go much quicker and usually only last a few days to a week. Those that do require a permit, on the other hand, tend to last several weeks up to a couple of months. Much of the delay in this situation comes from time spent waiting to hear back from the various offices like the engineering and building departments
Can I still hire you without getting the proper permits?
Unfortunately, no. Not only would we be putting ourselves in legal trouble for starting a project without proper permits, but you would also be liable for allowing the work to be done. In most cases, there would be costly fines and it would be extremely possible that the building department would order the structure be rebuilt or taken down altogether.
Is it possible to renovate my current screen enclosure without taking it apart completely?
Yes, in most cases we can provide renovations or extensions without demolishing the current structure and starting from scratch. Of course, we will need to inspect the existing structure first to ensure it is structurally sound and safe. Older structures may not have been built to code and could be a danger if not updated to meet current requirements. That said, we will do our best to keep the parts you like with any renovation and in cases where we can’t keep the original structure as is, we can work to build a new structure that is nearly identical to the old one within reason.
What maintenance does my screened in patio require?
Like any room in your home, your screen enclosure should receive regular cleaning. You should also perform occasional inspections for any damage, rust, or loose cables. With Florida being the hurricane state of the U.S., it is incredibly important to make sure your screen enclosure stays in good shape and that any pieces that are damaged are replaced, or you might risk further damage or even a collapse during a storm.
Can I have my enclosure custom made or am I limited to specific styles?
Our team of design experts can custom create just about anything you could want. First, though, we will measure your property and will suggest the ideal height, where it will be best to set the frame and make recommendations on how to design the top of the enclosure. That said, the final design is up to you, but we suggest an overall aesthetic that will make your screened room feel open.


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Contact Us! We would be honored to work with you and help you create your screened in porch or other enclosures for your beautiful spaces with our products. Fill out the form below and one of our experts at American Home Center will contact you shortly. We are located in Plant City, FL, but also serve many other areas including Hillsbourough County, FL. We’re the best screened in patio company in Florida and it's our objective to only provide the best quality work and to help residents save money on screen enclosures, sunrooms, windows, and vinyl siding.

At American Home Center we use our excellent customer service, low prices, and quality materials to take that vision you have of your home and making it a reality!