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Vinyl Siding


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Florida homes are constructed using plywood and other wood-based materials for the walls of the home. Oddly enough, homes lose cooling and heating through the walls of the home, particularly those built with wood. In order to combat this, American Home Center offers vinyl siding services in Lakeland, Riverview and Plant City Florida to name a few areas.


What Does Vinyl Siding Do?


The benefits vinyl siding offers regarding homes are numerous, here are just a few reasons why you should highly consider this product:


Lowers The Energy Bill


Vinyl siding provides insulation to the structure of a home, thereby helping to lower energy costs. During the hot summer months, moisture, heat, and humidity are kept out of your home, and during the “winter” months, the warmth of the home is kept inside leading to maximum comfort.


Maintenance Free!


When you install vinyl to the exterior of your home, the need for painting your residence, and repainting it years down the line are completely eliminated! Vinyl siding replaces the need for paint, you simply choose the color of your choice from the vast selection of options we carry at American Home Center and enjoy the benefits for rest of your life.


In addition, vinyl siding will protect your home against wood rot which is another attractive feature for many homeowners who live here in humid Florida climate.


We Offer a Lifetime Warranty


At American Home Center, we take our work very seriously. Our family-owned and run business has achieved great success due to the quality of work we deliver and the longevity of our products. Our vinyl siding can be paired with our lifetime warranty, truly taking any stress out of the equation for the rest of your life!


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If the words stress-free, durable, beautiful and money saving resonate with you, contact us below to obtain more information about our vinyl siding products options and schedule your free consultation. We can’t wait to help you and your family enjoy these amazing benefits.

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