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Patio Enclosures | How Much Does a Glass Enclosure Cost?

Patio enclosures are perfect here in Florida, especially in the spring and summertime. A patio enclosure allows you to enjoy the great outdoors directly from your patio. Wouldn’t you like to enjoy a brand new patio enclosure at home this summer with all your family on friends? With a patio even if the weather is bad you will be safe from the rain with this new addition to your home. Patio enclosures allow you to better utilize the space around your home. The value of your home will dramatically increase if you installed a glass exclosure. A home with a brand new patio is far more marketable because so many people seek out homes that have a porch or patio. Families want a place where they can just relax while being protected from the outdoors. When you are outside you have to worry about the weather, insects, and sunburn. With a patio glass enclosure, you don’t have to worry about any of those things, but you still can look at all the outdoor scenic views. Bugs and insects can be so irritating when you are having an outdoor event at home. We all have been at a barbeque and had bugs all over our plates and food. Insects can easily ruin an event because they will constantly irritate you throughout the day. Patio enclosures help eliminate pest issues.

Glass Enclosure

With a patio, you can relax and just enjoy all the natural light without the risk of sunburn. They are secure and protect you from all those annoying bugs that have ruined so many holidays. Glass patio enclosures are typically more expensive, but they definitely are worth it. Glass is much more durable than a screen and does a better job of protecting you from that unpredictable weather. Making this home improvement will allow you to create a bridge between your home and the beautiful outdoors. On average, sunroom installations cost around $30,000. The cost per square roof is about $25 for uninsulated spaces, and 4-season structures cost about $300 per square foot. The costs to pay for electricians, painters, and carpenters required for installation will be about up to around $4,000 to $20,000. You can find many affordable glass patio enclosures that also may offer financing options. Glass patio structures are also less likely to have dents or scratches. The glass is very durable and easy to keep clean. With glass, you have great visibility and it’s easy to be installed. At American Home Center in Plant City, Florida they can help you Bask in the daylight in your very own Florida Room or glass enclosure. American Home Centers is one of Florida’s top, screened patio companies, we believe in honesty, integrity, client satisfaction, and quality work. They create custom screen rooms using highly durable materials and glass rooms that are constructed using energy-efficient glass and made to stand the test of time. Why not look into upgrading your home with a brand new glass patio enclosure?


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